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Discuss Kofi Awoonor's "The Anvil and the Hammer" As A Metaphor Of Two Cultures


Discuss Kofi Awoonor's "The Anvil and the Hammer" As A Metaphor Of Two Cultures [NECO GCE NOV/DEC 2017]


“The Anvil and the Hammer” by Kofi Awoonor is a 21 line poem of free verse (void of end rhyme and static rhythms). Though the stanzas are unequal in length, the message of the poet is well digested with aid of carefully employed poetic recipes such as repetition “songs” “washed”, alliteration “tender and tenuous”, symbolism “the anvil and the hammer”, metaphor “sew the old days for us”, etc.

Human Cruelty On Birds And The Schoolboy In William Blake Poem


Give an account of various forms of human cruelty on birds and the schoolboy as depicted in William Blake's "The Schoolboy" [NECO GCE NOV/DEC 2017]


“The Schoolboy” is a beautiful poem crafted by William Blake (1757-1827) to portray children’s perspective to formal education (i.e. classroom learning ). He tabled his thought through the voice of a certain schoolboy whose parents were so keen about the little boy’s acquisition of formal education, on the contrary, the little boy saw learning through nature (the things happening around) as the most suitable way of learning.

Blake even exaggerated the schoolboy’s outlook towards attending school_ pointing that the little boy likened the actions of his parents towards him to that of a bird kept in a cage. According to lines 21-30, the schoolboy also likened himself to things such as a shutting bud, a blossom flower, a summer season, etc; so as to justify that the action of his parents were rash.

There are so many themes in the poem “The Schoolboy” by William Blake; they are (i) freedom or freewill (ii) beauty of nature (iii) informal education is better than formal education (iv) parental control.
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