Thursday, 18 January 2018

Alfred Lord Tennyson is a well known name in the universe of poetry. Born in Somersby, United Kingdom and lived between 1809 and 1892. As a poet laureate, there are still hundreds of his poems that can never die in the hearts of poetry lovers worldwide. has taken time to outline few of Alfred Lord Tennyson's analyzed poems which can be seen below:  
  • Analysis of Ulysses. This poem is more of leadership concern than of life. The monologue saw the poem speaker complain his state of inactiveness caused by old age… Read The Whole Analysis >>>

  • Analysis of Ring Out Wild Bells. It is a poem about making new year resolution and deciding to live on a positive clean slate… Read The Whole Analysis >>>

  • Analysis of Crossing The Bar. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote this poem in preparedness for the death of his own fulfilled earthly existence. It exemplified what a satisfied aged person would do in appreciation to lovers and families to be left behind... Read The Whole Analysis >>>

  • Analysis of The Eagle. It won’t seems a flaw to assume the poem is an indirect metaphor to the poet’s self-expression. The eagle’s qualities and abilities poured out with mere use of few carefully chosen words… Read The Whole Analysis >>>

  • Analysis of Lady Clare. A long 88-line poem about twist of fate and reality knocking down the wall of impossibility. The poem narrates two cousins (Lord Ronald and Lady Clare) in love and planning to marry only to discover they were not truly cousin… Read The Whole Analysis >>>

  • Analysis of The Light Brigade. It is a war poem describing the bravery of a certain minority brigades charging at more harmful and well numbered soldiers; not scared of dying all in the name of patriotism… Read The Whole Analysis >>>

  • Analysis of The Blackbird. The way humans are invited into this earth and given all that is needed to live well through life only to meet halt from the icy hand of death; similar case was the blackbird described in the poem… Read The Whole Analysis >>>

  • Analysis of The Kraken. A poem that took a different dimension from the known Tennyson’s love-for-nature point of view; though not absolutely different but came to the readers in a legendary tale form… Read The Whole Analysis>>>


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