One of the best way the little ones learn faster is through imitation. To the kids, imitation is the best form of trial-and-error because it comes with few hurts or mistakes before the actual mastery.

Even in the foundational classroom learning, imitation is adopted for the kindergartens via recitations and mimicries.

To summarize the poem "My Sister" by Liz Lochhead, my little twelve years old sister loves to play hopscotch wearing my shoes too big for her feet.
Although it's so admiring to know how perfect she has mastered the game in such oversized shoes but I tries to warn her how foolish and risky is it trying to live in any person's shoes.

In the poem, there are themes of childishness, learning by examples, risks associated with imitations, etc. Based on the message of the poem, there is a point where everyone exercises naivety which can be acceptable but not suitable for adulthood.

A three stanza poem; in its free verse form, the poet shares both first and third person point of view with very simple diction.

Liz Lochhead, a poet and a broadcaster, was born 26-12-1947 and also known for other intereating poems such as The Bargain, For My Grandmother Knitting, My Rival's House, Random, etc. which are listed at poemhunter website.

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