Monday, 5 February 2018

QUESTION:- Consider Baby T as a Victim of Social Injustices in the novel. (WAEC May/Jun 2017)

The bond of any community is made strong through socialization but in the recent time, the effect of urban congestion has given rise to all sorts of social injustices such as exploitation, harassment, favoritism, and socio-community  vices.

In the novel "Faceless" by Amma Darko, some social injustices which sprout from the issue of street child phenomenon were dealt with.

From the look of things, urban congestion led to poverty which led to the problem of broken marriages which also gave room to children been thrown to the scavenger street living.

In the novel, a teenage girl, living on the street, was miserably found dead at the back of a kiosk in Agbogbloshie market; her name is Baby T. Besides the fact that Baby T topped the victim list of social injustice in Sodom and Gomorrah, other characters in the novel had their own slices as well. Maa Tsuru jilted by men, Kabria lost her purse to pickpocket, Odarley was doomed to street life, Fofo found herself running away from rapist, etc.

As earlier noted, Baby T was a victim of social injustices in the novel "Faceless" by Amma Darko. The story centred on uncovering how she was murder. The flow of events in the novel revealed that she encountered vices such as sexual harassment, child labour, etc; before the arrival of her sudden death.

She was carnally abused by Kpakpo and Onko, forced to leave home by Maa Tsuru, forcefully perform unwholesome labour at Mama Abidjan place, beaten and brutalized by men such as Poison, etc.

Enunwa S. Chukwudinma
aka samueldpoetry


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