Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The term 'pen-robber' is one of the words used in the drama 'Harvest of Corruption' to symbolize embezzlers of public funds. The drama has it that some unscrupulous civil servants [Chief Ade Amaka] take advantage of their bestowed offices as a means of stealing from the government.

Among many of the characters in the drama is Aloho. She can be considered the protagonist of the drama. Aloho is a young graduate who found it hard to secure a job for a very long period after graduating from university with a second class upper in Mass Communication.

Though she was regarded as a born-again Christian, yet her impatience and desperate heart pushed her into accepting a job offer from a wayward Ochuole despite repetitive scriptural warning from a fellow friend who also happens to be a born-again Christian [Ogeyi].

The job Ochuole dropped on Aloho's lap was not without price; she became Chief Ade Amaka's pawn. Aloho was arrested for drug trafficking, she also got impregnated by her boss [Chief Ade Amaka] such unwanted pregnancy led to her death in the course of childbirth.

Samuel Chukwudinma Enunwa
aka samueldpoetry
[the Leo with wings flying]


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