Sunday, 8 April 2018

Question;- Examine the role of Kindo as a warlord in The Blood of a Stranger by Dele Charley [WAEC MAY JUNE 2016] 

Answer;- One of the dramas that attempted to point the past events of colonial exploitation in Africa is the Blood of a Stranger written by Dele Charley, a Sierra Leonean author and playwright. Before his death in the year 1993, he had contributed largely to literature in Africa and beyond. 

One of such contribution is the Blood of a Stranger which has remained widely accepted. 

In the characterization of the play, one of the prominent characters is Kindo, the prince of Mando. There are so many roles performed by Kindo in assistance to the plot. 

There was a Kindo as a prince, there was a Kindo as a lover, there was a Kindo as a warlord, there was a Kindo as a patriot, etc. The main concern at this juncture is how Kindo is portrayed as a warlord. He was confident and brave which gave him the effusive effrontery to challenge the likes of Maligu, Parker, Whitehead, etc. 

He took it upon himself to protect Mando; not because he was heir to the throne but because he possessed a defensive trait of a warrior. When he was to take to exile, he didn’t just vanish like a comer; he left with convoy of Mando warriors as a symbol of a warlord.

Enunwa S. Chukwudinma 
aka samueldpoetry
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