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Analysis of The School Of Night By Alec Derwent Hope

The Glance

Title: The School of Night
Genre: Poetry
Poet: Alec Derwent Hope
Gender: Masculine
Category: Life and Living
Style: Free Verse
Theme: Night
Stanza: Three
Dominant Device: Metaphor
Diction: Simple
Tone: Revealing
Alternative: The Schoolboy
More Poems From Poet: Death of the Bird

Poet and Summary

Regarded as one of the best Australian poet and essayist, Alec Derwent Hope was born in New South Wales in the year 1907 into a family of a Presbyterian minister but departed earth in the year 2000.

In his 3 stanza poem title "The School of Night", nighttime became a learning classroom where the voice of the poem was given tough lessons. Looking at the structural arrangement, each stanza consists of 6 lines.

Analysis Of Olokun By John Pepper Clark

Olokun is a poem by John Pepper Clark_ one of the best poets in Africa till date.

The voice of the poem profess his love for a mermaid or preferably a sea goddess.

In the poem context, the voice of the poem loved to scroll the dark hairs of the sea goddess and claimed the love he had for her did surpass the one he had ever bestowed any other woman.
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