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Philip Larkin is a famous poet born in the year 1922 but died 1985 according to records. He wrote the poem “Water” and the will to write has been his priority since childhood.  Among other things, he was always writing to give answers to certain mysteries of his days.

poetryfoundation article say, "Throughout his life, England was Larkin’s emotional territory to an eccentric degree. The poet distrusted travel abroad and professed ignorance of foreign literature, including most modern American poetry. He accomplished recognition in terms quality on his little volume of work.  He also supported his literary vision with other stuffs such as serving as a bookkeeper for over 40 years and it aided his publication.

The poem, 'The Building', by Philip Larkin, addressed the subject of ill health and after-life with dictions the suggested a hospital setting.. Continue Reading >>>.  

Water by Philip Larkin is a simple complex poem and the complexity of meaning within the simple structure of the poem has given it various opinions. I will be dishing out my own point of view irrespective of its acceptance. I see freedom of choice and religious perspectives as the themes of the poem... Continue Reading >>>.

Philip Larkin's poem Church Going is a religious poem that commenced with the common description of a Sunday service. He took the medium to question the act of attending church. View the minds of the congregation, regardless of the decay of religious custom in the western world... Continue Reading >>>.

This is truly a lovely poem that asked the same question every adult has asked at one time or the other; the question of “What is the Meaning of Life?” what is the true reason for human to dwell on earth... Continue Reading >>>.

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