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"On the lower deck in the babel of two hundred voices he would forget himself, and beforehand live in his mind the sea life of light literature"

The character referred to in the excerpt from Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim is ______
A. Talking
B. Sleeping
C. Reading a literature book
D. Day-dreaming


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D. Day-dreaming


Jim, who was described by the narrator (Captain Charles Marlow) was truly daydreaming which the novel expressed as living beforehand in his mind in order to stay distracted from his own worries and the noisy passangers_ the babel of two hundred voices.

In the novel, Jim was a strong, brave and responsible young man full of sweet hope for his future but instead met a tragic death without fulfilling any of his sweet dreams. (See the detailed analysis of Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad, also famous for his novel "Heart of Darkness", lived between 3rd December 1857 and 3rd August, 1924. Conrad was born in Ukraine. As a seafarer, his literary works revolved around sailing_ including the novel titled "Lord Jim".  

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