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Subject:- Literature-In-English;
Examination:- JAMB 1978;
Question:- 41.

The Question

In the above poem "Night", Soyinka ______?

The Answer

Option A (describes nighttime and its effect on him)

The Explanation

The functionality of the day opposes that of the night.

While the body and brain work all through the day, the night compels the body and brain to recuperate in readiness for the next day.

Such undeniable recuperation is poetically magnified in the poem "Night" by Wole Soyinka; you can even see the detail summary HERE.

Soyinka, being a professor and a playwright among other things, probably saw the nighttime as Messiah which always rescues him from him tedious day.

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Therefore, it is correct that the poem "Night" by Wole Soyinka narrates the effect of night or nighttime on the Line 7-9 proved that the poem speaker could not resist the spell cast upon him by powerful night "...And I stood, drained/ Submitting like the sands, blood and brine/ Coursing to the roots."

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