Tuesday, 31 July 2018

What Is Sapiopoem

If anybody ask me, is there anything like sapio-poem? I will look such person in the eyes and say YES.

This is how I intend to support my agreement to the fact that some poems can be called a sapio-poem.

A sapio-poem is a poem that is absolutely driven by intelligence; notvthe motive of entertainment. I arrived at the word sapio-poem from the knowledge of the word sapiophism.

What Is Sapiophism

Sapiophism can be defined as the practice of promoting inner beauty than the physically possessed beauty. Anyone that practices sapiophilism is called a sapiophite.

Observation has shown that any poet might come up with a sapio-poem inadvertently; therefore, such poem is not necessarily for sapiophites.

Determining Factors

Below are the factors that determine a sapio-poem:

1. Context versus Content:
In poetry, context and content of a poem matter. The context determines the embodiment of the poem while the content goes in support of volume; yet, a poem can be called a sapio-poem if the poet rely on the beauty of the context but pay little attention to the volume of the poem.

2. Theme versus Rhyme:
Before a poem can be named sapio, theme must defeat rhyme. A sapio-poem is 90% likely to lack rhyming and any other sound effects as far as the message exults the poem

3. Diction versus Structure
Another notable thing is that the poet places emphasis on his choice of words which must prove the poet's level of wisdom but worries less about the structure of the poem. Therefore, sapio-poems are void of poetic license which might dilute the intellectuality of the poem. Modern haiku poems are mostly sapio in nature.

Other Factors:
Other tools professional poets employed might not be prioritized by the poet_ such as attractive title, rhythmic flow, prosody, etc.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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