Tuesday, 10 July 2018

This is one among the evergreen odes crafted by an African poet. The poem exposed the gifted city of Freetown with fair imageries.

"This is my gem!’ God whispered, ‘this shall be
To me a jewel in blue turquoise set.’"

According to the quote above, God called you his gem and pronounced that you live undisturbed till eternity. He then surrounded you with the couching lion-like hills that silently watch over you.

The poem Freetown by Acquah Laluah is a 16-line rhyming poem beautified with repetition of words such as "God", "Freetown", "jet", "Small", "Silent", "He", etc.

The poem, in a prose form, goes thus: Freetown, God gave you a mere soil yet a very rich sea full of small bays with blues that sleep amidst the jet black stones, those "jet rocks, filled from the Atlantic deep". Then God gave you we messengers of songs. Afterwards, in your soil, He made palm trees and tall grasses.


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