Monday, 30 July 2018

The Authors' Dream

I strongly believe that every author and writer need the author to bring their authorship dreams to desired fruition.

Getting an anthology to its final shelves and readers is pretty easy now with the advanced technology and the efficiency of computer. With the help of Createspace and Kindle, Amazon has proven to be Messiah for this generation poets and writers.

Not only that, with Createspace and battalion of other self-publishing platforms such as lulu, smashwords, draft2digital, etc; authors have the freedom to publish and readers have the freedom to decide what's worth reading.

Indie authors now enjoy global distribution to major ebook retailers and library platforms. Thanks to the rise of the indie author movement, readers can now enjoy a greater diversity than ever of high-quality, low-cost ebooks!

Authors have proven that indie ebook authors can out-publish and out-sell traditional publishers, and they pioneered new best practices that traditional publishers are now scrambling to emulate.

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Author-shift Significance

Author-shifts are the essential actions for growth, progress, and significance. They’re the invaluable adjustments every success driven author or writer must make on their journey towards greatness. And they tell, not just when authors make them, but when authors miss them.

In a nutshell, the author-shifts are synonymous to publishing opportunities (whether obvious or hidden). It determines whether an author is on an upward shift or a downward shift.

So missing out on any publishing opportunity might not seem like much, but it reveals something about your attitude towards—and willingness to make—the necessary upward shifts that unlock your potential as a writer and as an author.


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