Thursday, 9 August 2018

The poem revealed the level of mesmerism the poet had when met with a dazzling nature acting under the cause and effect mechanism. 

Readers are meant to see how an inanimate can communicate beautifully with animate without the use of spoken words.

William Wordsworth (07/04/1770-23/04/1850) was motivated to write the poem: Daffodil while passing on a stormy day, he saw the breeze orchestrating the daffodils, making them danced so gracefully.

It is revealed that the poem is of two versions: the original and the improved version. 

The original version was published in 1807, having three stanzas while the improved version of the poem was published in 1815, having four stanzas where the second stanza made the improved version completely different from the original. 

It was said that the changes in the lifestyle of William Wordsworth gave birth to the changes found in the second version of the poem

[Listen to the poem Daffodil] and you can also [Read the Two Versions of the Poem]

Both version of the poem: Daffodil has a rhythm of four feet per line, five lines per stanza and maintained a strict pattern of end rhyming scheme that forms ABABCC, DEDEFF, etc. 


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