Saturday, 25 August 2018

                              End of War by Okinba Launko


The casualties in Launko's End of War are ____


Men (Option C)


The poem is similar to the poem title The Dining Table by Gbanabom Hallowell. In the poem "End of War" by Okinba Launko, line 4 and 5 of the poem are prove that men are truly the casualties; the lines stated "the silence of the battlefield/ heralds the widow's anguish".

The men that went to war die leaving their wives to suffer the pain and aftermath of war which happens to be a lasting widowhood. [click here to listen to the audio]

Judging by the title of the poem, its subject matter is war and and its effects.

"Okinba Launko is a pen name of the playwright and poet, Femi Osofisan (Winner of the Folon-Nichols Award) He has been honoured with awards and appointments for his lifetime achievements", says description at todara online bookstore.

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