Thursday, 2 August 2018

Symptoms of Headache

If poetry is giving you headaches then you're not alone; multitudes are facing the same poetry headache as yours.

Have you ever seen a person having headache and smiling? One glaring symptom of headache is disgusting frown.

Headache patient don't just frown, they maintained a still position with obvious seriousness as if to memorize a rhythm of poetry resounding in their heads.

Headache and Poetry

When most people encounter poetry, they treat it like headache. 

I will also like to add that the headache-like reaction is from those who only recognise poetry as a genre but those who can be considered as poetry lovers.

This has got me seek reasons why poetry give most people headache.

My search led me to (you probably must have seen or heard of the website before now). The good news, some counter reasons were seen on the question-and-answer website called quora.

Reasons Poetry Cause Headache

  • Most people develop headache when they come across poetry with strict end rhyme pattern; they feel such art make them feel they're still living in the era of Beowulf.
  • Most people develop headache with poetry full of clich├ęs; they are too stressed by the affairs of daily life than to be distressed by chunk of words.
  • Most people develop headache when they see poem with typographical and syntactic errors some poets would rather claim to be poetic license.
  • Most people develop headache with poetry prioritized by perfection_ such poem aims to immortalize every veteran (Shakespeare in style, Edgar Poe in rhythm, Walt Whitman in structure, Sylvia Plath in diction).
  • Most people develop headache if a poem is intentionally short with stylistic excuse "this is a haiku". They feel such poet loves to boycott the intensity poetry as an art possesses.
  • Most people develop headache once a poem is way too long like a journey of thousand miles.
  • Most people develop headache when poetry is direct not two edged.
  • Most people develop headache if a poem fails to follow their own course; the poem they expected to be climactic turns not to be.

The Conclusion

From my personal point of view, all the above are what makes poetry to poetry. Therefore I have come to conclude that the problem is not poetry but people.

Human sees what they want to see, they feel what they want to feel. 

The same poetry that make some certain number of people frown, will still make plenty of other people smile and can also make them smile and frown at the same time.

According to Napoleon Hill, "Thoughts are things". Therefore, my advice will always be to appreciate poetry wherever and whenever we see it; irrespective of the people who wrote it.

Enunwa Chukwudinma S.
aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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