Thursday, 2 August 2018

Poetry Audio Blogging

The question of whether a poetry blogger can move from printed book to poetry audiobook is about to nailed firm.

Creativity has expanded the scope of virtually every thing to a level beyond childish mesmerism; solid now becomes liquid and liquids can now be seen in gaseous states.

It is no doubt that a poetry blog can become an anthology or a book the same way many anthologies have now turned to blogs_ if you are yet to be convinced, check, or check my favorite

Naijapoets Audio Blog Motive

Audio-blogging helps the life of a blog nowadays.
After all, not everyone prefers to read and read and read. In the case of poetry related audio-blogging, has tried mix audio blogging with the orthodox form of blogging and the outcome is very encouraging both for readers and the blogger.

To be candid, the motive is even beyond mere audio-blogging. In couple weeks, naijapoets audio-book will be released; hope readers embrace it. If the naijapoets audio-book trial version plays out well, then more encouraging stuffs will still roll in.

You Too Can Audio-Book

Anyone can create his or her own audio-book. Therefore, you do not need to own or manage a blog before such can be possible.

Those who already understand my story will sure agree with me that the act of creating a poetry audio-book is as easy as hell. There are so many audio-book services available; the likes of audible by Amazon, YouTube by Google, chirbit, kobo, draft2digital, etc.

The necessary things are your contents, your choice of audio-book platform, your budget, and few other things.
Draft2Digital Audio-Book Guide
Assuming you need a reasonably free or low-budget service, then draft2digital might soothe such aim.

The simple steps are:

  • Register or Log in to
  • Click on My Books 
  • Choose the book you want
  • Click the little orange microphone
  • Click on the Create An Audiobook button

And the rest is congratulations. If you are a believer, then you agree that creating audio-book is quite simple and like said earlier, has already embraced this trending audio affair and you will be chanced to see for yourself.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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