Sunday, 16 September 2018

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The Motive

In this article, I will be sharing the secret of how I grow Naijapoets blog hosted on blogger by simply using the advantage of having a WordPress.

I'm a believer and whatever my mind imagines, I seek it. Part of such imaginations is the ability to use blogger as if I'm using WordPress. Blogger own by Google is a very good content management system (CMS) and WordPress own by Automattic is also a very good CMS but merging both tools is much better than best.

The Definition

Blogger is a blogging platform Google has acquired since 2003 and it gives anyone who wants to try blogging path almost everything needed to own a blog.
On the other hand, WordPress is also very handy and attractive more than blogger in terms of appearance. I still cannot conclude which is the most used but most people always come out to claim wordpress is the most used; well, whatever.

Shhh! This' The Secret

WordPress has two things for anyone who decides to use it. (1) Readymade Audience (2) Automation.

When you sign up to, 1000s of readers are going to welcome you (but the content you offer them will determine whether your audience will then grow into millions or will decease to zero). As of the time of writing this article, I have close to 5000 readers on WordPress_ I'm still ruminating how to triple the number though.

In terms of automation that is free and hassle-free, WordPress has it. Some people might think its unnecessary to remind people of the blessings automation has bestowed bloggers; I can't help myself preaching such gospel. With the power of automation, things happen on your behalf even when you're fast asleep snoring. WordPress automation shares your recent article instantly to all your social media platforms on your behalf.

When you're using, the only readymade reader is on g+ (Google's own social network) but it takes time to build readership on google+ and on top of that, google+ is the only automation readily available from blogger.

Now you can see clearly why everyone using blogger needs wordpress to triple their blog traffic and simply the hassle of blogging. The truth is that I starting blogging on when I realized that anyone who doesn't upgrade their membership will not be able to monetize his/her blogging effort so I decided to host my blog with cheap via but each year my hosting cost kept increasing so moved to blogger where blog hosting is free and blogging efforts can still be monetized.

In other to use blogger and still enjoy the goodies of wordpress, you need With ifttt, you can link blogger to WordPress and whenever you create an article on blogger, ifttt posts it to WordPress and WordPress automatically shares the contents to all your social media platforms as simple as that; and that's the magic.
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