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The Author of the Drama

Murder in the Cathedral is a drama written by T. S. Eliots, a British poet though born in America by American citizens. He lived from 26-09-1888 to 04-01-1965 his full name is Thomas Stearns Eliot OM.

Summary of the Drama

The drama is a tragic one. It dramatized the rivalry between two friends King Henry II and Thomas Becket, who also can be considered leaders but the strength of their friendship began faint in sight of disagreements. 

At the long run, Thomas was murdered in the Cathedral but not by the order of his enemy-friend (King Henry II).

Imagery in the Drama

There are abundant references to nature images by the chorus which gives an indication of the passage of time and changing fortunes and circumstances of the chorus. These references emphasize the impending doom of Thomas Beckett. 

There is also the use of animal imagery in the drama suggesting cannibalism and violence as indicated by the references to the jackal, jackass and jerboa. 

The images suggest that Beckett's end will be violent and thus presage his murder at the hands of the knights. 

There is in addition the use of biblical images which recall the Christian notions of sacrifice and martyrdom as well as conjure up issues of predestination.

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