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Question;- How are Mama, Ruth and Beneatha portrayed in the play [WAEC May June 2017]


In 1957, Lorraine Hansberry crafted a drama that will forever remind generations of African-Americans of their ancestral hunger for higher social status in the midst of poverty; the drama being A Raisin in the Sun.

The drama saw the poor Younger family witnessed competing dreams from every member of the family in anticipation for the $10,000 insurance check.

In examining Mama, Ruth and Beneatha, despite their contrasting traits and characters, the one biding similarity is that they were all dreamers.

Mama [Mrs Lena Younger] is Ruth’s mother-in-law, Beneatha’s and Walter’s blood mother and grandmother to Travis. After the death of her husband, she assumed the right as the head and breadwinner of the Younger family. The paramount thought in her heart was to give the family a better life which motivated her plan of buying a new home with the insurance money.

Ruth [Mrs Ruth Walter Younger] is a wife to Walter and a mother to Travis. She was portrayed as intelligent, religious and open-minded. Ruth was also a very hardworking character handling domesticities. She supported the dream of moving to a better apartment.

Beneatha [Miss Beneatha Younger] was a fun loving lady and someone with high ambitions. As a college student, she dreams of becoming a doctor and hoped to use the $10,000 insurance check for the quest.

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