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The Excerpt

"There is something new, for example, about my hands, a certain way of picking up my pipe or my fork. 

Or else it is the fork which now has a certain way of getting itself picked up, I don't know. Just now, when I was on the point of coming into my room, I stopped short because I felt in my hand a cold object which attracted my attention by means of a sort of personality. 

I opened my hand and looked I was simply holding the door knob"

The Question

The style of writing in the Excerpt from Nausea by Jean Paul Sartre is _________

The Answer

Introspective (option A)

The Explanation

Introspective involves the practice of self-consciousness. The author employed the style to portray Antoine's condition of depression by showing how he examined himself most especially his new feelings towards holding or handling things.

The Novel

Nausea is a novel about a character named Antoine Roquentin living in Bouville for three years (he was a loner). As the story unfolded, he developed chronic side of nausea as a result of heavy daily burden and tasks to be accomplished.

The Author

Jean Paul Sartre who lived between 21st June, 1905 and 15th April, 1980 was one of those with Nobel Prize for Literature; an award he received in the year 1964. 

J. P. Sartre was born in Paris, France and grew up to become a writer, a politician and a philosopher among other things.

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