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 One is not quite sure who wrote story before turned into a poem therefore it is considered to be words of mouth from generation to generation.

The oral poem titled "Fulani Creation Story" exposed the mystical origin of the world as supposed to be believed by the Fulani. Gods and heroes usually play prominent roles in such stories.

The Poem

At the beginning there was a huge drop of milk. 
Then Doondari came and he created the stone: 
Then the stone created iron,
And iron created fire, 
And fire created water, 
And water created air.
Then Doondari descended the second time,
And he took the five elements And he shaped them into man. 
But man was proud:
Then Doondari created blindness, and blindness defeated man.
But when blindness became too proud,
Doondari created sleep, and sleep defeated blindness; 
But when sleep became too proud,
Doondari created worry, and worry defeated sleep;
But when worry became too proud,
Doondari created death, and death defeated worry; 
But then death became too proud:
Doondari descended for the third time,
And he came as Gueno, the eternal one: 
And Gueno defeated death.

The Summary

The poem tells of how Doordari who was considered a higher being created man out of five elements namely stone, iron, fire, water and air.
Basically, an oral poem it is and made to flow climactic with one occurrence bringing about another superior occurrence; all built on enjambments, repetitions and imageries.

The Themes

Here are few of the themes (i) Man created stone, iron, fire, water and air. (ii) Pride led to the punishment in form of blindness, sleep, worry and death. (iii) Man's hope and assurance are made possible by the coming of an eternal savior.
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