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The Poet

Supplication is a poem I found very interesting for discussing the subject of human ambition; writing by Kunle Akinsemoyin, a Nigerian poet and short story writer.

Supplication can be considered a classical mythology where the poet successfully and naturally expressed his sentiments. He dedicated the poem to the abstract element called "Fate" with the intention of querying the it unfathomable actions towards every human souls. As it is known every human with different fate_ some enjoy attainments while some don't, death come to some fast while some meet death late.

Stanzaic Summary

The poem is divided into two unequal stanzas. The first stanza introduced the readers to the link between Fate, humans and life by comparing the earth to a turbulent sea while every human being is a part of the sailing crew captained by Fate. The second stanza saw the voice of the poem wished humans could have a sort of "better libation" than risking one's life in selfless dedication and actions as to determine one's future.

The words worthy of note are "Fates" in line 2 referred to the goddess that controls the course of human life (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos), "suppliants" in line 4 referred to those who ask earnestly and humbly, "libation" in line 7 referred to something given as an offering (usually a liquid), "testimony" in line 11 referred to evidence, "solicit" in line 11 referred to asking for something, "advocacy" in line 13 referred to a kind of supporting evidence.
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