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Thomas Hardy is an English novelist and poet who lived between 1840 and 1928. He as born on 2nd June, 1840 in Dorset, England. He started school at Bockhampton at the age of eight and further made move toward ambition by traveling to London in 1862. One of his popular work is the novel "Tess of the d'Urbervilles". Thomas Hardy died on January 11, 1928 in Dorset, England.


The ten hours' light is abating
And a late bird wings across
Where the pines like waltzers waiting
Give their black heads a toss.

Beech leaves, that yellow the noon-time,
Float past like specks in the eye;
I see every tree in my June time,
And now they obscure the sky.
And the children who ramble through here
Conceive that there never has been
A time when no tall trees grew here,
That none will in time be seen.
Copyright by © Thomas Hardy 1840-1928 [all right reserved]


The poem is a three stanza rhyming verse with four line each stanza to sum up twelve lines where line to of the poem "And a late bird wings across" rhymes with line four "Give their black heads a toss".

Fred said, the poem At Day-Close in November is obviously simple in nature. And in the final stanza of the poem, shortness of memory and inevitable transience of all creation described via the symbol of trees children believed will be soon gone.

The poem observed the theme of change and article on firstkwnonwhenlost noted that "passage of time is a prevalent theme in his poem not excluding this one. Because the poet ponders most about the way in which natural and man-made objects stand as prove human mortal circle spine by the cold hands of death".

Samuel C Enunws aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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