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1. Analysis Of To His Coy Mistress By Andrew Marvell:- The poem was written in an iambic tetrameter with a rhyme couplet. It told a story of a man in love with a very coy maiden who so cherished her virtue and unwilling to sacrifice it for romantic love or lust... Continue Reading>>>

2. Analysis of The Gallery by Andrew Marvell:- The Gallery’ by Andrew Marvel is a piece of metaphysical poetry. It  is  a “conceit” that uses a long and extended metaphor to describe an emotion or action. In this case, the love the speaker feels for Clora. The poem is written with a rhyme scheme of AABBCCDDEEFF. This pattern changes in accord with each stanza and remains consistent throughout the poem. Each strophe of this poem contains eight lines of a similar length and four beat pattern of meter... Continue Reading>>>

3. Analysis of the Definition of Love by Andrew Marvell:- The poet tries to give logic to the concept of love, as typical of a metaphysical poet like Marvell. Throughout the poem, he does not mention what his love is for, but instead, the author leaves it up to his reader to decide. He gives personification to both hope (portrayed as beautiful) and faith (portrayed as jealous and tyrannic)... Continue Reading>>>

4. Analysis of The Garden by Andrew Marvell
“The Garden” begins with the speaker reflecting upon the vanity and inferiority of man’s devotion to public life in politics, war, a civic service. Instead, 

5. Analysis of the Garden by Andrew Marvell:- The speaker values a retreat to “Fair Quiet” and its sister, “Innocence,” in a private garden. The speaker portrays the garden as a space of “sacred plants,” removed from society and its “rude” demands. He praises the garden for its shade of “lovely green,” which he sees as superior to the white and red hues that commonly signify passionate love... Continue Reading>>>
4. Analysis of the Fair Singer by Andrew Marvell:- This is a short poem.In this poem , the speaker is subdued by the beauty of a fair lady with the subtle power of  her eyes and voice.The fair singer is depicted as the aggressor and wreaks havoc on the persona(Marvell) without laying a single finger on him... Continue Reading>>

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