we Poetic Devices In Raider Of Treasure Trove By Lade Wosornu ~ Naija Poets


There are some glaring poetic devices embedded in the poem (a) rhetorical question (b) metaphor (c) repetition (d) imagery (e) enjambment (f) alliteration (g) assonance (h) personification

Rhetorical Question; a question asked in order to create a dramatic effect or to make a point rather than to get an answer. "But what can be worthy of your life?" in line 1.

Metaphor; is an indirect comparison in a work of art. The poem The Leader and the Led was built on a metaphorical ground. 
Examples are "Rage is Chief" in line 11. "Rage is thief" in line 13. "Enemy of equanimity" in line 14.

Repetition; is a poetic device where certain words, phrases, lines, or verses are repeated twice or more to create a sing-song rhythm or emphasis in a poem. Examples are 
"Heavens-on-earth" in line 8 and 24. "fling roses" in line 7 and 23. "Sails" in line 4 and 10. "Rage" in line 11, 12 and 13.

 Imagery; using words or expressions to created mental picture in a poem so the readers can see, smell, feel the event clearer. Few in the poem are "flags of joy" in line 4. "Heavens-on-earth your destination" in line 8. "…toxic fumes on every scene" in line 15.

Enjambmentflow of idea from more than a line in poetry (run-on-line). 
" The reason you are here? Always strive/ To fly flags of joy, and, sail up streams" in line 3 - 4. "…breeze of love, your course/ Chattered in the ink of compassion" in line 5-6.

Alliteration; successive use of consonant sounds within a line or two in a poem.  "dearer than the gems or your dreams" in line 2. "To fly flags of joy, and, sail up streams" in line 4 "Rage drags rags" in line 12

ssonancerepeating vowel sounds within lines. "drags rags" in line 12. "Enemy of equanimity" in line 14. "Heavens-on-earth" in line 8.

Personification; the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something non-human, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form. Examples are "Rage is Chief" in line 11. "Rage drags rags after you" in line 12. "Rage is thief" in line 13. "Rage spells calamity" in line 16.


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