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Everybody on this show is a mess! Ross, Jenny, even Liam. They all have a lot to figure out, and hopefully they will soon because as of Coroner Season 2 Episode 2, nobody is doing so well.

Ross is doing the best out of the three. At least he got a job.

Honestly, I'm more upset with him for lying to his mom than for not finishing high school.

Jenny: Oh-ho! Is that a present for me?
Alison: Peace offereing, I guess. Ross dropped it off.
Jenny: Mm. It's almost as good as a high school diploma.

It's weird to say since I've always been a strong proponent of education. People in my family would have a coronary if they got less than an A- on anything, which, from what I hear, is a pretty common experience for a millennial.

(Yet, many of us are unemployed. Go figure.)

Education is important, but it isn't the right path for everybody. And there are other paths than high school, college, etc. Ross could always take the GED, which would qualify him for some jobs like that security guard one he wanted.

Or, he could take a gap year because, in Canada, you can apply as a mature student if you're over 19. You have to take an entrance exam, but you don't need a diploma or GED to get into a two-year program, and you can transfer to a four-year program later.

Ross is already seeing the doors that will be closed to him without proper certification. He couldn't get that security guard job.

Ross: I need a job.
Alison: Yeah, so I hear.
Ross: You know, I saw on LinkedIn that they were looking for nighttime security guards here.
Alison: I know that posting.
Ross: Yeah?
Alsion: But it requires that you be able to stand for long periods of time.
Ross: Okay, yeah. I mean. I've, I've been, I can stand.
Alison: Be physically imposing.
Ross: Mm!
Alison: And have a high school diploma.

But his father's death seems to have taken any desire for higher education away from him. And he did find a job.

He still has a lot to learn about being responsible and independent. When he set up that poor excuse for a tent and he said he was independent, I nearly laughed out loud because he has no clue what that looks like.

Jenny: What are you doing?
Ross: Well, I can't afford to pay rent, so I'm gonna live outside, in the tent.
Jenny: Ross, I ... mm ... You know what? I'm too tired for this tonight. I ... I'm gonna leave the front door open for when you come to your senses.
Ross: Okay, I'm not going to though. I'm independant now.

But this show is about lost people finding their way. Ross can find his path, and maybe that starts with a job at a bar/restaurant. Who knows where it might lead?

My biggest concern is what this means for him and Matteo. They parted on good terms, but long-distance is hard, as is maintaining a relationship when you are at two different stages in your life.

I really don't want them to break up. They're so sweet together. Ross needs people in his life outside his family and his trauma. Plus, Matteo is a sweetheart, and I'd hate for him to leave the show. Only time will tell.

Ross: This is ... I wish I was coming with you. This is dumb.
Matteo: Literally, um, every place name at Queens ends in "Hall." Like, this hall, that hall. How the hell am I gonna know where I'm going? You're the navigator in our relationship.
Ross: I messed up. 'Kay, I messed up big time. And that's why I'm not coming with you, but I will find my way back to you.
Matteo: Promise?
Ross: Yes, I promise.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Liam have thrown themselves completely into their relationship, which may not be the best thing. Jenny has a lot of issues to work out.

She's sleep-walking and nearly getting herself killed every episode. On Coroner Season 2 Episode 1, she walked out into traffic. On Coroner Season 2 Episode 2, she nearly drowned herself.

She's tapering off her pills because she was taking them too much, and she seems to have a fire-related trauma she hasn't addressed, coupled with the trauma of learning she killed her sister.

Like I said, a lot of issues. Support is super important for her right now. Liam is clearly trying to provide that for her.

He wants to be her safe harbor in the storm. It's a sweet sentiment, but it can be hard to be the stable thing for someone else when you aren't so stable yourself.

Alison: I did just get off the phone with Air Traffic Control. There was a chartered commercial flight diverted en route to Ottawa Capital Airport. It was rerouted to Metro Toronto Airport because of a medical emergency.
Jenny: Did it fly over where we found the body?
Alison: It did. It's scheduled to leave in a couple of hours.
Jenny: 'Kay. Call ATC back and get the plane grounded.
Alsion: You can do that?
Jenny: Yes, I can!

We haven't gone into much of Liam's military history, or how it affected him before, but we really, really need to start. Being put on hold is maddening, but the way he got violent and started shocking himself with the loose wire was not normal.

He's suffering from some kind of PTSD, and he needs help.

Sadly, it's hard for men in our society to let themselves look weak.

It's hard for people to ask for help.

Finally, it's hard for someone who is trying to be their girlfriend's support system to admit that he needs help, too. This relationship is headed for a rude awakening because these two need to take stock and work out their shit.

Alison: What am I asking?
Jenny: Ask if the CT scan showed any broken bones.
Alison: Of course it did. Did you see his legs?
Jenny: Yeah, not just legs. His arms, ribs, uh, pelvis. Got it! Our UFO lady might be right. I think our body fell from the sky.

Jenny is doing better than the others in that she admits she has a problem and that she's seeing a professional. She doesn't want to deal with her feelings, but she knows she has to deal with them.

She is functioning, but she's also doing some pretty dangerous things while not entirely conscious.

As much as Ross and Liam would probably benefit from talking to a mental health professional, Jenny is proof that it only helps so much.

A medical doctor's job is to fix you, but a mental health professional's job is to help you fix yourself. You have to put in the work, which makes it so much harder. There is no magic pill. This is about personal growth.

The issues regarding travel and immigration were topical when this came out, but the pandemic has changed the discussion. Documentation is still a push-button topic, but travel in and out of anywhere is not advisable right now.

Alison: Jenny? What're you doing?
Jenny: Can you call the autopsy suite?
Alison: Do you want me to call the fire department too? Yeah, I don't think our benefits cover "fall from tree!"

That pilot was a piece of work though. It was just a kid. Did he really think murder was better than getting caught helping a kid into the country? We all have our priorities, I guess.

It is always great to see Alison, but her maternity leave shouldn't be interrupted. She deserves to have the time with her child. And Dwayne's absence was felt. I'm gonna miss that kid.

The McAvoy storyline felt kind of disjointed from what was going on with Jenny, but it was no less interesting. At first, it seemed like it would be about his foot injury holding him back in the field. And then we met Noor.

McAvoy: Well, Mark Lloyd's been picked up.
Noor: Hmph. Because he shot at me, not because he assulted his wife.
Mcavoy: The law can be tricky on these things. Can I get you a glass of water?
Noor: The law doesn't take assualting women seriously. Men think they're above the law because they are.
McAvoy: They're not above my law.
Noor: You write your own laws?

Who else is obsessed with this woman? We better see her again. She's awesome! She has such a presence. She has a cause, and she gives it a voice. I'm so here for more of this storyline.

Detective, you may have a badge, but I don't have to talk to you. I know my rights.


Overall, it was a decent episode. Nothing groundbreaking, but a story was told, and progress was made. The only real question is, where do they go from here?

So, what do you think, Fanatics? Does Ross belong in school? Is Liam's support of Jenny coming at a cost to himself? Are you as obsessed with Noor as I am?

Let us know in the comments section, and remember, you can watch Coroner online right here via TV Fanaitc.

Coroner airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/10/coroner-season-2-episode-2-review-borders/


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