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Finally, the action kicked into high gear.

Not surprisingly, Massimo found himself at the center of the police investigation into Ed's murder on Devils Season 1 Episode 4.

It was logical that Bale and Winks focused on Massimo. After all, he had the most to gain from Ed's death, at least in theory.

After all, the cops didn't know that Ed was either a) forced out in disgrace for falsifying profit statements or b) got killed because of what he'd learned about the LIA deal.

Massimo had pieced together those divergent possibilities all of his own but hadn't shared them with anybody.

That's largely because the list of people Massimo can trust kept getting smaller and smaller.

Some of that is his fault and some of it stems from events happening around him.

One such event was the ascension of Chris Bailey, who, according to Massimo, made his rise on the backs of his coworkers.

Chris quickly proved to be a slimy wanker, providing Detective Bales with information that he hoped would implicate Massimo.

Dominic informed Massimo that the vice CEO position would remain open because of all unwanted attention NYL had received due to the optics of the LIA deal on Devils Season 1 Episode 3.

But that doesn't mean Chris, Ed's veddy British lieutenant, wouldn't do everything he could to shove Massimo out of the bank.

That not Massimo, who clearly despises Chris, did anything to help himself out on that front.

Take that beatdown in the elevator, for example.

Granted, Massimo was grieving, and Chris provoked him. But Massimo can't give in to his rage, not if he's going to get to the bottom of what appears to be an NYL conspiracy.

Dominic let Massimo off the hook fairly easily after Massimo explained what Chris had done.

But was that just because Dominic doesn't want more crap falling down on NYL or does he have a deeper motive for handling Dominic with kid gloves?

Knowing Dominic, it's the latter.

He and that rich woman, Margaret Cunningham, to whom Dominic seems to answer, keep talking about some NYL master plan, which includes all the world unrest that's happened in the first four episodes.

Why else would Dominic have been so smoothly bullying the weaselly German banker and the German finance minister?

The most frustrating part of Devils is the world of finance, in which the show is set, since very little gets explained to the viewer.

Oh, well. I suppose it's like on medical shows. You don't have to understand the surgery to get that this is dramatic stuff, the mechanics of which are over your head.

It's the same thing here. People are somehow making money hand over fist, in a manner that looks questionable, and isn't that exciting?

For example, Chris was now in charge of the "lavar" (?), which dictates the trading risks that NYL is willing to take.

From the way Kalim and Eleanor reacted, that was a bad thing since it would limit the underhanded methods that Massimo's team regularly employs.

Knowing Chris was watching everything he and his team did, Massimo made the smart play, ordering them to do things "by the book" (as if they could even find "the book.").

Since using such conservative methods would sully their usual gaudy results, Kalim and Eleanor decided to find a work-around, sucking poor Oliver into their shenanigans.

Something about the Irish housing bonds situation smelled to Massimo, so he went to the only person he could now trust, his mentor, Professor Wade.

A wink and a nod later, Massimo got the scope of what was happening in Ireland and returned to NYL, only to find out his team had gone behind his back, doing exactly the wrong thing.

Now there's a schism forming between Massimo and his team, just when he needs them the most.

I feel the worst for Oliver, who just bowed to peer pressure in an effort to fit in better.

Poor Massimo couldn't even buy good help, as the detective he hired got bought by Dominic's lawyer Trevor to halt his investigation into Carrie.

At the same time, Dominic used his powerful influence to make the police's case against Massimo go away.

Based on his lawyer's actions, Dominic must be behind Carrie's reappearance to keep Dominic occupied. But her death has Massimo laser -focused instead.

So what's Dominic's angle? Does he want Dominic beholden to him without any more attention falling on NYL?

We finally found out why Sofia hates Dominic so much.

As a child, she watched the brother she adored shoot himself as his savings were lost when an Argentine bank went under. Dominic's clients made money from that failure, so therefore, he must have been behind it.

Chances are good. But that's still pretty fuzzy logic on which to base a vendetta.

All the same, Sofia is proving to be an asset to Massimo, even though her actions are just meant to ingratiate herself to him, so that he can become an asset for Subterranea.

Still, discovering a spy with a conscience could be the key to bringing down Dominic and NYL in the end.

To investigate the conspiracy, watch Devils online.

How does Massimo get out from underneath the suspicion?

What is Dominic up to?

Which of Massimo's people can he trust?

Comment below.

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