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Emily is not making the best decisions. 

Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 8 took our heroine out of the city, while Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 9 made her the butt of many jokes. 

We'll start with the adventures in the chateau because those were the best scenes of Emily in Paris Season 1

It's hard to understand what goes through Emily's mind at the best of times, but embarking on a trip to Camille's family home with Gabriel in tow was not the best move. 

Indeed, Emily thought Gabriel would not be tagging along, but the hot chef always seems to pop up when our favorite Chicago implant least expects it. 

The humor during the trip was on point, and I cringed for Emily when it emerged that she slept with the wrong brother of Camille. 

Still, Camille wanted her to get close to a brother, but she didn't define which brother, or that she had more than one. 

The little details are required in these scenarios, but at least Camille and her family did not trash Emily for her lack of judgment. 

You haven’t done Paris right until you’ve had at least one wildly inappropriate affair.


The cracks between Camille and Gabriel continued to worsen throughout these two installments, and while Gabriel does not want to accept a handout, he probably should. 

His pride is getting the better of him, and it's putting a huge dampener on his relationship to Camille. Then again, it's doubtful that he truly loves her. 

He enjoys her company, yes, but he's way more attracted to Emily, which does not bode well for their relationship. 

Even if Emily ultimately ends up with Gabriel, a relationship that begins with lies is not built on solid footing. 

If we know the two of them are already lying to Camille, then how do we know they are not going to lie to one another down the line?

It's a double-edged sword and one that may not be worth the time or the effort. 

Their connection is undeniable, but they run the risk of it fizzling out when the allure of risky kisses is gone. 

Emily working with Camille's family could also prove troublesome. What if Savoir cut a deal to work with them only for the truth about Emily and Gabriel to come out in the aftermath?

It wouldn't be a PR disaster, but it would make the working relationship difficult. 

I like Paris, but I’m not really sure Paris likes me.


Then there's the friendship between Camille and Emily. Camille thinks Emily is a nice girl who has her best interests at heart. 

The good thing about Emily in Paris is that Emily is making some idiotic decisions. From the initial promotional material, it seemed she was going to be the nicest character on TV. 

Characters who play in the gray area work better because they have more depth. 

Using the champagne as the official spray of Paris was a bit of a stretch, but at least Mindy got the chance to shine again. 

Mindy has struggled since leaving her family behind and her stint on reality TV. It was nice to see her in the company of her friends from back home. 

Emily: You’re nice and French, and you speak English?
Camille: Of course. I grew up watching American TV.

Mindy does not get enough screen time, and a spinoff featuring her away from Emily could be just as exciting as the regular series. 

Now that Mindy is comfortable singing again, the possibilities for her are endless. If she can battle her nerves, she could have a fantastic career as a singer. 

Emily's attempt to get Pierre on board with her campaign was never going to be easy. She and Pierre have had an awkward relationship ever since their first encounter. 

In Pierre's eyes, Emily is basic, but we need to remember he's a fashion designer in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

He knows fashion, and he thought Emily was ridiculing him with her comments. 

It was heartbreaking to witness his descent after what the pesky manchildren did to Emily. He wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear. 

He didn't understand the severity of social media in today's world, and it made him think about his place in the fashion industry going forward. 

Emily saving the day as per usual was predictable, but it successfully bonded her and Pierre in a way that didn't seem possible earlier on Emily in Paris Season 1. 

It’s one thing to cheat on your wife with your mistress. It’s another thing to cheat on your mistress with a young America.


They appeared to be sworn enemies for a while but it's nice they are on the same playing field now. 

Mathieu seems a bit too good to be true, which is what I can say for most of the men on Emily in Paris ... aside from Doug. 

Doug was a loser. 

We have one episode left, and I'm certain there will be a wealth of drama for the characters as Emily's journey in Paris reaches a pivotal moment. 

What did you think of Emily sleeping with Camille's brother? Did you like Camille's family? Did you like the way Emily tried to save Pierre?

Do you want Emily and Gabriel to be with each other in the end?

Hit the comments below. 

Emily in Paris Season 1 streams globally on Netflix. 

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/10/emily-in-paris-review-family-affair/


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