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Saying goodbye to someone you love is hard, and while Dwight and Al made some questionable decisions on Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3, the central message appeared to be about keeping hope alive. 

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know Dwight and Sherry were once in love, but they lost touch after Sherry escaped Negan's clutches. 

Their journey continued onto FTWD, but Dwight gradually lost hope of a reunion with the woman he loved, and just when it seemed like it was never going to happen, Sherry returned. 

Bringing this character over from The Walking Dead should help give us some more insight into who Dwight really is because, let's face it, he's changed a lot since he last met Sherry. 

On The Walking Dead, Dwight was hardened but slowly realized that his actions were only benefiting the people in power, and he had to adapt to the world in order to stay safe. 

I appreciated how Sherry's return happened when I had lost all hope of her ever being seen in the flesh on the spinoff, and it should send this particular storyline in an interesting direction. 

We know she left notes throughout the zombie-filled wasteland and ultimately lost hope of a reunion, but where did she end up after that? 

Is she working with Virginia? Is she working with people who could help overrule Virginia? There are many questions, and if the first three episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 are any indication, this will be the season of pay off. 

If you watch Fear the Walking Dead online, you know the show has botched countless storylines, but these first three episodes have been better than the last few seasons combined. 

Whoever decided that Dwight and Al would play well together needs a medal. They vibe off each other very well, and their conversations about lost loves hit me right in the feels. 

Going off book will be seen as bad in Virginia's eyes, so they really need to come up with an excellent excuse to get out of whatever is headed their way. 

But sometimes, breaking the status quo results in rewards. In their case, Dwight got Sherry back, and Al got to hear Isabelle's voice on a walkie-talkie, so it was a major victory for them. 

Al only spent a short time with Isabelle, but there was an immediate connection between them when they first crossed paths. 

Isabelle is a bit of an enigma because we're slowly starting to realize that the CRM are not good people. If you watch The Walking Dead: World Beyond online, we just learned that they are using people as test subjects. 

The test subjects are billed as "A" and I'm guessing recruitable soldiers are the "B." It's confusing to those who don't watch all of the series in the franchise, but at least we know we're getting somewhere. 

Al was close to reuniting with Isabelle on the rooftop, but there was someone else in the chopper. That alone would have exposed the fact that Isabelle built a connection away from the CRM and very likely result in her being in a lot of trouble. 

Al following her heart was hardly surprising. Emotions must be heightened in a world with little living people. 

Finding that special someone is tough in today's world, but could you imagine trying to do it when much of the population is dead? 

My hope is that Sydney Lemmon will return as Isabelle to help this storyline gather steam because it feels worth exploring. 

Fear the Walking Dead has been lacking in the scares department, but "Alaska" was successful in its attempt to put the two regular characters in mortal danger. 

Making their way through the building with the plague and zombies was tough, but it also made the pair think about how they could save people. 

Rushing off and leaving everyone was selfish, but with no medical supplies, what were they supposed to do? 

They had a mission and they couldn't risk getting themselves killed. That being said, Nora was a great addition to this installment. 

If she doesn't appear again on Fear the Walking Dead, it would be nice to find out more about her on Tales of The Walking Dead, the anthology series which is in the works. 

When several characters were unaccounted for on Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1, I realized the season would be taking an anthology approach to storytelling. 

I wasn't impressed with the idea of it, but the first three episodes have proven me wrong. The show is telling more intricate, nuanced stories, and maybe that's the part of the recipe that's been missing for so long. 

If the show continues on this path, we may have the best season of the series on our hands, and I never thought I'd say that again. 

What did you think of Sherry's return? Are you surprised it happened in this episode? Should Al have decided against going to the roof to meet Isabelle?

Hit the comments below. 

Fear the Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC. 

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/10/fear-the-walking-dead-season-6-episode-3-review-alaska/


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