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Are you drained yet?

Maybe it's because of the series covering the pandemic, but for some reason, it has been a long-drawn-out season. Of the two hours of Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 15, at least an hour of it was unnecessary.

It was days before decision day, and there was nothing new divulged in the installment that they couldn't cram into the season finale.

By now, we have a strong indication of which couples will probably stay together and who will not. However, the two front-running couples did hit some final bumps in the road to leave us questioning if what they built for the past four months could all come crumbling down around them.

In many ways, Amelia and Bennett are so much alike, and they are a compatible couple. However, it's their differences that are causes for concern.

It's mostly coming from Bennett's end of things. Amelia has had it easy sailing for the entire experience. She likes Bennett and is attracted to him, and he gives into the things that she needs and wants.

Bennett is adaptable and can compromise, and in hindsight, it can appear as though he makes all the sacrifices in their relationship, but it's not reciprocal.

They both have a care-free quality, but Bennett takes on the serious role -- dare I say the adult one, while Amelia is content in her whimsical world.

While there were little things along the way that bugged him, for example, her aversion to helping with chores, or her ability to give him honest, real answers about his flaws, nothing compared to Amelia sharing her motivations for joining the show.

It was a trio of hard to process Amelia admissions that probably had Bennett's head spinning.

When he asked her about her thought process for decision day, Amelia mentioned something about flipping a coin and letting fate decide. Bennett was as confused as the viewers trying to decipher if Amelia was dead serious about this or not.

It's still uncertain, but the more she discussed it, and the fact that she also turned to a tarot card reading, gives me the impression she was truthful.

After everything they have gone through and the time they spent together, it's a hell of a thing to let the flip of a coin determine their future.

She then admitted to him that she signed up for the show to be on TV. She didn't anticipate falling in love or anything, and she wasn't even sure if she wanted to be married at all.

What is Bennett supposed to do with that? It's enough to make anyone doubt the entire experience together. How do you determine what's real and isn't?

Does that mean Amelia's feelings are fleeting? And what's to say Amelia wouldn't get bored and move onto something else she deems exciting when this is all done?

Bennett's friends had real reservations about this relationship and all the things they feel he has to give up to be part of it.

At the time, his friends' negativity was too much. But they were asking some hard-hitting questions that Bennett did need to contemplate.

Bennett is moving to a place he never anticipated for two years for the sake of Amelia's residency program. He can't have a job in his respective field because of that. He's moving away from his family but will be close to hers.

Amelia also envisions a husband who will take care of the home and their future children while she works, too, and that's a lot to ask of someone.

Bennett's friends feel as though Amelia and Bennett are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, and there's a chance Bennett hasn't seen the real Amelia yet.

It's a harsh take, but they're not wrong about that. It goes back to Amelia's refusal to admit something about Bennett that she doesn't like. They're still testing the waters with one another, and while I do think Bennett is trying to push things further, Amelia is harder to read.

Miles and Karen also have an issue with reciprocity that has been brewing all season, and now, Miles is frustrated.

Karen is still stuck on things like Miles not being "masculine" enough, and when she had the opportunity to explain what that looks like for her, it's still confusing.

I wish she would extract that term from her vocabulary if she can't utilize or define it properly. Somehow, Miles' righteous anger and hurt relating to the turbulent racial climate in the country made Karen see Miles in some new light and showed her he's capable of being, um, "masculine."

Her thought process here is hard to follow, and by now, we'll never figure it out. She admitted to her friends that she's not an affectionate person and can't dole out the affection that he craves, and she knows that.

And Miles' talk with his friend was enlightening when it reminded him of how Karen wasn't meeting his needs. He grew frustrated and did get to speak his mind to Karen.

It's offensive to him that she keeps throwing out there that he's not masculine because of how he does or doesn't express himself, and Miles let her know that he's not sure she can evolve at a speed that gives him hope.

At this rate, Miles is more in love with Karen's cooking than the befuddling woman herself. They could make great friends, but can they sustain a romantic relationship and marriage?

We sure as hell know Brett and Olivia couldn't, but they checked back in with the pair anyway.

They both had to tell their friends that their marriage was over before the process was. Olivia's conversation with her friend confirmed that she is more in love with the idea of being in love than the reality of it.

She seemed open to communicating with Brett again if he showed up and wanted to talk or reconsider their relationship. But why would she when she learned how incompatible they were, how much he got on her nerves, and how he left her?

Why settle for a relationship that doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of working?

Meanwhile, Brett was over the entire marriage and Olivia, and he was an ass about the whole thing. Hell, even Brett's friend told the cameras that Brett is a stubborn prick.

In true Brett fashion, he claimed he didn't learn anything about himself from this process. He barely took any accountability for why his relationship with Olivia didn't work (even when she surprisingly did), and he was a smug jerk during his whole segment.

Oh, Brett. It has been a hell of a ride with you, sir.

But no one had the rollercoaster ride of a relationship like Henry and Christina. Nothing about these two makes sense anymore.

They both talked to their friends. Henry's friend maintained her belief that Christina was not right for Henry, and their marriage was a mistake.

Christina's friend listened to her intently as she tried to convince herself that there was something salvageable there.

Henry and Christina went out to a beautiful dinner, but the conversation was downright strange.

Christina never showed Henry the mysterious text message from the friend claiming he was gay. She also has been acting as if all of this never happened.

It was odd to hear Christina rave about how good Henry was, claim that they both are such decent people, and try so hard to convincer herself or him that there was still time to figure each other out.

She said she hoped Henry would keep an open mind, and I don't know what she's trying to hold onto here. She also admitted that she can be cruel sometimes and that she usually needs someone to call her out and, I guess, lambast her for being mean or something, and I don't know what the conversation was supposed to do.

Then she tried a desperate attempt to elicit compliments out of Henry, and it was painful to watch him reach for something nice to say about her and her eating up these crumbs of affection and fondness.

Meanwhile, Henry told the cameras that Christina had to have been living in an alternate reality, and he doesn't understand how two people can have such vastly different takes from the same experience.

Henry once again not telling Christina the truth to her face is annoying, but it's clear as day that he's been done with her and biding time until decision day.

The whole thing is painful. I look forward to decision day so it can release both of them and us from the Henry/Christina hell.

Woody and Amani sailed through their relationship too, and they both had lovely things to say about the other when Amani spoke to her friend, and Woody confided in his grandmother.

The problem is Amani has always had more reservations than Woody about their relationship. Woody knows he wants Amani, and he's proud of himself for embracing this process.

Woody didn't know if he could be a husband before this, but he feels as though he has a handle on it now.

Amani still has some concerns that she's unsure about when it comes to Woody. She's still not fond of a controlling "my way or the high way" streak that he has. She didn't like his stance about her body and the choices she makes with it.

She also didn't like how he responded when she asked him what he would do if she said "no" on Decision Day. Woody admitted he would not handle the news well at all and would probably walk out or something.

The problem with Woody and Amani is that they never addressed the issues they had with one another early in the process when they happened.

They got caught up in the honeymoon stage.

So decision day isn't cut and clear, and it's hard to figure out where everyone stands. Which couples do you think will make it? Hit the comments below!

You can watch Married at First Sight online here via TV Fanatic.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/10/married-at-first-sight-season-11-episode-15-review-the-ultimate/


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