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Things can change on a dime. 

On We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 6, Caitlin tried to make her father understand that she was no different, despite shaving her hair off, while Fraser tried to get closer to Jonathan. 

Caitlin has been through the mill in recent episodes, mostly because she feels like she only has Fraser fighting in her corner. 

The decision to shave her hair was an impulsive decision that she didn't think through, but it has opened the door to the conversation she ultimately wants to have with her parents. 

It's very clear Caitlin wants to transition and is watching videos about injecting testosterone to prepare herself for what's to come. 

The fishing trip with her father was a pivotal moment in their relationship. Had Richard been against Caitlin's path, it could have derailed their relationship forever. 

At the moment, Richard feels like Caitlin cutting her hair was brought on by her friendship with Fraser, so it was nice that Caitlin defended Fraser and revealed they had not been kissing. 

What struck me the most during their trip was the way Richard was describing abnormal relationships, and how Caitlin was quick to use her mother and father as an example. 

We know Caitlin's mother, Jenny, has been having a fling with Maggie, so there appear to have been issues in Richard's relationship with his wife long before We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 1

Richard is stuck in this notion, though, that Fraser and his family's arrival on the base has upended everything. Instead of facing up to the fact that his marriage is flawed and that he is reading his daughter completely wrong, he chooses to blame other people. 

Blaming people instead of facing up to the truth is easy, especially if you don't want anything to change. Caitlin is ready to make a big change in her life, and I'm not sure her father will be accepting of her transitioning. 

Whether that could change in the final episodes of We Are Who We Are Season 1, I don't know. 

Sarah has a knack for mothering every single person she comes in contact with, and I'm on the fence about whether she crossed the line when she offered to put Caitlin in contact with a doctor who can help her discuss her options. 

In her head, it may have seemed like a good thing to help Caitlin, but we need to remember that Caitlin is 14 years old. 

Sarah is understandably worried at the prospect of Caitlin suffering in silence, but there's going to be a lot of backlash from Caitlin's family if the teenager goes to an appointment without anyone consulting them about it first. 

Something tells me that Sarah's days on the base are numbered. The decision to deploy the troops early appears to be coming back to bite her, if the cliffhanger at the end of the episode is anything to go by. 

If lots of people have died under her rule, it's going to cause animosity on the base, and people will be looking for someone to blame.

Sarah stands to lose not only her job, but also her wife. Maggie has been slowly drifting away from her, which makes sense because of the affair with Jenny, but Fraser could also leave Sarah behind. 

The relationship between mother and son is not normal, and it seemed like Sarah was ashamed when she was caught sniffing Fraser's clothes. 

Sarah is overbearing and wants to be a part of every aspect of her son's life, and she should have shut down the thing with Jonathan when she realized Fraser was buying him books. 

I can't be the only one stunned by the revelation that Jonathan is 30 years old. I figured he was a year or two older than Fraser, so it made Fraser pursuing Jonathan uncomfortable to watch. 

They have built a strong bond, and I think Jonathan invited his female friend after Fraser blurted out that it was a terrible first date. 

Maggie had reservations about Fraser leaving the base with Jonathan, but Sarah was either too naive or didn't care enough to shut down the whole thing. 

Fraser is infatuated with Jonathan, and I can't help but think that Sarah is enabling his behavior. Maybe Sarah is scared to shut it down because she knows Fraser will lash out at her, but you need to make difficult decisions when raising a child. 

Fraser was livid when Sarah danced with Jonathan on We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 3, so being told that he's not allowed to be friends with Jonathan could send Fraser off the deep end. 

"Right Here, Right Now #6" was like the calm before the storm. We are quickly running out of episodes, and the conflicts are starting to reach a boiling point. 

What do you think of Sarah giving Caitlin the information? Do you think she overstepped, or was it the only way Caitlin would get the help she wanted? 

Are you surprised at the way Fraser's mother is allowing him to pursue Jonathan? Were you as shocked as I was when you learned Jonathan is 30?

Hit the comments. 

We Are Who We Are continues Mondays at 10/9c on HBO. 

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/10/we-are-who-we-are-season-1-episode-6-review-right-here-right-now/


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