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Most of these people are a mess.

If you were anything like myself, then you lost count of how many times you rolled your eyes or sighed during 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 18.

So, which person irritated the ever-loving hell out of you more?

Tim and Melyza remain the least appealing thing about the season, and they drag their insipid drama out longer than necessary.

Both of them are still lying to themselves and one another about their intent to work on their relationship. But now Tim's mother is on her way to Colombia to visit, and it has caused more friction between the two.

Melyza and Tim's mother do not get along since things escalated in the time after Melyza found out about Tim's infidelity.

An argument between them evolved into a shouting match where both of them threw things, but Melyza didn't take kindly to Tim's mother pulling only her aside and threatening to call the cops.

Melyza's bullcrap aside, if it went down as she said, then her reluctance to deal with Tim's mother after that is sensible. Is there anything more aggravating and predictable as some American women threatening to call the cops as if they're customer service?

If Tim and Melyza both were arguing, then his mother should've stayed out of it or diffused the situation without picking sides, but once you threaten someone with the cops when it's not warranted, it's hard to come back from that.

That aside, Melyza leaving her apartment rather than staying in the same place as Tim's mother during her visit is absurd.

It's also ridiculous that she wanted Tim to bare his soul to her parents and experience their full wrath, even if it meant the dissolution of their relationship. Yet Melyza told Tim not to tell his mother about her dating when they were apart.

Melyza can't cherry-pick when things should matter and when they don't. She also can't have Tim assuming all of the blame and burdens. Whatever they establish should apply to both of them.

Melyza keeps coming across as a hypocrite, and they need to end it. They both look foolish and unlikable at this rate. The longer they stay in this relationship, the worst they both are.

The longer they focus on Deavan and Jihoon, the easier it is to understand why they ended up apart. And there was no other solution for them but a breakup.

Deavan was looking for any reason to jump all over Jihoon and haul ass from Korea. She's taking a magnifying glass to every aspect of his life, searching for anything to justify getting pissed off at him.

The picnic in the park with Jihoon's group of college friends could've been a fun gathering. Instead, Deavan waited .872 seconds after she sent Jihoon away to change Taeyang's diaper to grill a group of men who barely speak English and don't know her at all about her suspicions that Jihoon was cheating on her.

And what was Deavan's proof? It was naked photos in Jihoon's phone. I don't know what puritanical universe Deavan lives in, where she can accuse her husband of infidelity because he enjoys porn, but that's the latest in the Deavan and Jihoon saga.

According to Deavan, cheating is anything that makes the other partner upset, but since she gets disturbed if the Sun doesn't shine, then Jihoon is cheating all of the time in Deavan's book. The man can't even fantasize about pretty models while pleasuring himself.

We'll toss that on the list along with disciplining Drascilla, introducing her to his friends without them getting grilled, and not having his girlfriend out his criminal history to his boss.

Deavan is the worst.

I'm still trying to figure out how she used Jihoon cheating on an old girlfriend into proof that he would do the same to her now.

Meanwhile, Sumit still can't figure out that his parents will never come around to his relationship with Jenny.

He had a hell of a win; Sumit and his wife's divorce is finally official, but he still owes her family ten grand.

It's insane how costly divorces are in India, and this whole thing has been a nightmare. When Sumit recalls all the events that have happened, it sounds like something out of a novel.

Sumit was thrilled and relieved about the divorce, and after learning about how depressed the situation made him and how suicidal he was, you couldn't help but share his jubilance.

But you can also understand where Sumit's father is frustrated. Even if we set aside his disapproval of Sumit marrying a woman who is older than his parents, Sumit's father had to use all of his earnings and borrow from friends and family to pay for half of the divorce expenses.

Sumit has to pay him back so that he can reimburse all the people who loaned him money. But the first thing out of Sumit's mouth is Jenny.

While Sumit's parents put him in this unfortunate situation with the arranged marriage that didn't pan out, they're also paying a heck of a lot to get him out of it, and despite all of that, Sumit is still pushing them about Jenny.

Sumit should be allowed to marry whomever he wants, and he doesn't owe anyone children of his own. But sometimes it seems as though Sumit and Jenny are both too caught up in their love affair that they don't consider everyone else's reality.

Right now, Jenny only cares about marrying Sumit and staying in India, and Sumit only cares about Jenny. They can't live off of damn love alone while everyone else deals with the fallout.

Sumit's response that Jenny wants him home all the time because of her not wanting to be alone is crazy. Sumit is only working a part-time job, and he's not making enough money. How is he ever supposed to pay off the remaining balance and what he owes his father if he doesn't work?

Jenny doesn't want him to work a lot, but they also don't have enough money to keep living off of Jenny's social security. If they insist on being together, then they're going to need to stand on their own better.

And if Kenny and Armando are going to get married, they'll have to stand up to the system. The marriage license fiasco was disheartening.

Despite the strides we make, there are always backslides and loopholes to uphold the worst there is to offer.

Same-sex marriage is legal in Mexico now, but it sounds as if they're finding ways around it with state laws conflicting with the national one. The woman's explanation made very little sense, and she didn't go out of her way to help them understand.

It all sounds like a bunch of ornery bullcrap. As sickening as it was to see Kenny and Armando's happiness deflated, and as maddening as it is that they have to appeal and fight for something that should've been granted to them, Kenny probably needed this.

For Kenny to have lived through some of the worst of homophobia, he was so dismissive of Armando's repeat warnings. Yeah, things have gotten better, but homophobia isn't over, and the strides made in the States aren't the same across the globe.

I hate to say Kenny needed that reality check, but maybe it's true. He downplayed and dismissed Armando way too much when it came to this topic.

It always felt as though a part of him wanted to believe the worst of his homophobia was over. He looked so miserable and defeated when Armando was telling him the news, and poor Armando was as confuzzled as Kenny but had to pull all the weight with the conversation.

Kenny once again lamented how he doesn't know the language and can't communicate with others without Armando. Maybe this will prompt him to take more initiative with the language-learning.

Kenny and Armando are mostly battling outside forces while Bini and Ari clash with each other. It's getting to be too much.

More recently, Bini is the more forceful one, but we have to consider that Ari is usually the one dominating everything and wanting it to be her way.

She astutely pointed out that it feels as though one of them is always losing, but the issue with Ari is how she behaves at the slightest chance that the person is her.

Ari does not react well when she's not getting her way or if Bini gives her any of the same energy she projects. She also seems to be on the edge of a breakdown throughout the entire installment.

She goes back and forth on her decisions regarding Avi. She goes from feeling as though Bini is pressuring her into something, to claiming her compromise isn't so bad, to changing her mind, and then changing it back, and when all is done, she blames Bini when she doesn't like something.

Ari is all over the place, and it's so confusing. Her freakouts over the circumcision were befuddling, and she never settled on a reason why she was against it.

One minute she was acknowledging that it's part of Jewish tradition to circumcise anyway, and the next, she's talking about her son having bodily autonomy and choosing himself when he's older.

She's a new mother and protective of Avi, but she's also unrealistic in her expectations. Babies are going to experience pain in their lives, and she's not a bad mother because of her inability to protect him from things that everyone has to face.

I know it had to be awful for her listening to Avi getting circumcised, just as it was when he got his vaccinations. But Ari acting as if Avi is her baby alone or that Bini is a sociopath who doesn't care about their child is disgusting.

Anything Bini does that Ari doesn't like or she feels affects Avi in any way she uses as an indictment against him, as if he's some terrible father, and there's nothing cool about that.

I do feel Ari is more prone to post-partum or other difficulties, and I sympathize with her because of that. They're going to have a rough journey on top of being new parents, clashing over their cultures, and barely knowing each other.

On the topic of culture clashes, the whole display with Yazan, his father, and his brother because of Yazan's relationship with Brittany is uncomfortable to watch.

I do feel the show is having too much fun leaning into its radical Islam angle or whatever it is they're doing with Yazan and his father. The strange thing about all of this is Yazan's father, while traditional, was very laid back when we first met him.

He had great advice, and his positions were strong without being forceful. Since then, he has evolved into something quite villainous, and the threats to kill his son if Yazan marries Brittany was jarring.

The whole situation is a mess. Brittany and Yazan do not need to be together since neither of them can accept the other person for who they are now. It's not rocket science. 

It sucks that Brittany demanded Yazan make all of the changes, and he did so in part under the impression that she would do the same, but she hasn't and won't. Brittany is so clearly playing with Yazan, and it's frustrating.

Brittany isn't suitable for a conservative Muslim life in Jordan, and asking her to be that person is unrealistic. Their constant fighting is enough to give you whiplash, and they're on two different pages.

It's like they're in two totally different relationships with each other. They don't match up at all.

Even when they're having phone conversations with each other, it's as if they're discussing different things and don't seem to hear or understand each other. It's maddening.

Brittany's family doesn't want her going back to Jordan, but she's there, and now she'll be accompanied by a friend.

Nothing good can come out of that either. And she'll return to Jordan with antics that will continue to put Yazan in jeopardy.

The extremes of Yazan's family aside, I felt bad for his brother, and his parents are right about Brittany. No, what she does with her body and everything else isn't up for them to judge.

It's ridiculous that their entire family would be shunned or shamed because of Yazan's association with her, and so forth.

But their initial concern that Brittany doesn't love Yazan or plans on marrying him and adapting is spot-on accurate. Brittany shouldn't have to give up who she is for anyone if she doesn't want that, but she's also someone unwilling to compromise in the name of love while expecting it of Yazan.

It's a relationship where someone has to win, and the other will lose, and who wants that?

Over to you, 90 Day Fanatics. Are any of these couples appealing anymore? Which drama or person bugged you the most? Hit the comments.

You can watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way online here via TV Fanatic. 

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