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All Sumit and Jenny do are win and then lose.

They faced more highs on lows on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 20. Meanwhile, the culture clash between Bini and Ari deepened with her parents' visit, Kenny keeps getting reality checks, and Angela learned that Brittany and Yazan have that toxic crazy kind of love.

It's just another installment of 90 Day Fiance.

Let's get the snooze fest out of the way now.

Tim and Melyza are still in different books when it comes to their relationship. However, in a surprising turn of events, Tim's mother expressed sympathy for Melyza and gave decent advice.

It wasn't too bad for someone who came across as a Karen not too long ago. She and her sister departed Colombia on good terms with Melyza, and she told Tim what many of us have been yelling at the TV all season.

If they can't get past this infidelity in their relationship, and the trust is shaky from either of them, then it's time to let it go.

Robin basically told Tim to suck it up regarding his jumbled up feelings on Melyza dating other people when they broke up, and he told his mother the difficulties he faces in Colombia if he can't find employment.

A lack of employment is a significant issue for Tim right now, and he's not wrong for considering a return to the States. If he can't sustain himself in Colombia, then he doesn't have a choice.

Their talk with the therapist didn't produce anything we didn't already hear or know, but Melyza is unhappy with the prospect of Tim returning. She claims that it's a sign he wasn't genuine in his desire to move there and make things work.

Tim cheated, and he's trash for that, we all know this, but Melyza can't get over it. It's unfair of Melyza to hold all of this over his head while also not giving him any notion that they have a real shot at staying together.

Melyza looks for anything to nitpick at to justify her attitude toward him, and it's not working. END IT.

Kenny is also hoping to get things resolved so he can seek gainful employment in Mexico and help support his family. In the back of my mind, I'm curious to know what kind of job he's looking to obtain, especially when he can't even recite the alphabet in Spanish.

Kenny and Armando had to go back to the Marriage office so they could get their official denial of marriage, and Kenny was unprepared for what it would say.

In his defense, it was wretched. Despite that state legally allowing gay marriage, they are still doing everything in their power to discourage it.

The denial papers said something along the lines of their marriage getting refused because of it going against hetero reproduction and offensive to the human race or something.

The wording was as homophobic and disgusting as it gets, and Kenny looked as if someone knocked the wind out of him when Armando translated what it said.

It's awful to see both of them hurting like this, but it has also put what they're facing into perspective for Kenny.

Now that they have their official denial, they can start the process of appealing it, and hopefully, as long as they are willing to keep fighting, the system will submit to their will. Everything shouldn't have to be a gosh damn fight all the time, though.

Hannah continues to be a precious chiquita, and she had some words about those meanies that won't let her dads get married. She's a staunch Kenmando supporter, and she's protective of them. Kids can be so pure of heart.

And yes, that includes little Drascilla whose reaction to seeing Deavan's parents arrive in Korea was enough to melt your heart.

Deavan and Jihoon were doing rather well together, and they seemed to have found some normalcy and balance in their relationship and life.

Deavan couldn't convince Elicia of that, though. Elicia was still anti-Jihoon, and she wasn't hiding it. She, her husband, and Deavan's sister flew to Korea for Deavan and Jihoon's wedding, but Elicia wasn't feeling any of it.

Jihoon was terrified of having to face Elicia again after the last visit, but despite his "Elicia Phobia," he handled it like a champ.

Jung did well with Deavan's clan, and despite Elicia's dour attitude, everyone else got along well. But it's still early. All hell will probably break loose before Deavan and Jihoon walk down the aisle.

The sentiment also applies to Sumit and Jenny.

They're a couple who has highs and lows, and they experienced both within the installment.

Sumit and Jenny trekked to the marriage office or to see a lawyer, to discuss their options, during a pandemic.

Despite everything they believed, they don't need the blessing of Sumit's parents to get married as they thought. They can go to the temple on their own.

They don't have to get married on the Special Marriage Act, which would give Sumit's parents 30 days to object.

Instead, they can get married under Arya Samaj since Sumit meets all the qualifications. Jenny was elated to hear this news, and she wanted the two of them to get married at their ring ceremony.

Without a marriage soon, Jenny would have to leave India again for a certain amount of time before returning to keep her visa. Travel in uncertainty because of the Coronavirus, so Jenny doesn't want to be in limbo.

Unfortunately, Sumit still wanted to tell his parents that he was getting married without them, and he hoped to get their blessing anyway.

Sumit doesn't want his parents to cut him out of their lives, so this has been difficult for him. He arranged for his brother (and his wife) to come over to talk.

Sumit hoped that if he appealed to his brother, then maybe he could talk to their parents. At the end of the day, Sumit is a man who loves his parents, and he wants them to accept and love him and respect his choice.

His brother and sister-in-law were shocked to find out that Sumit planned to marry Jenny anyway, and they were downright uncomfortable when Jenny had a full-blown breakdown in front of them.

Her distress was apparent, and she and Sumit are adamant about their love for each other. It was heartbreaking to see both of them in so much pain, and Sumit's brother and wife were affected by the emotional display.

But will his parents be?

Ari's parents were affected by their trip to Ethiopia, and the culture clash between these two families remains a frustrating point of the season.

It feels as though Ari and both of her parents want Ethiopia to be America. It's unrealistic, though.

They can't keep applying American standards to what is virtually a third-world country. And there is nothing Bini can do to change the fact that he lives in Ethiopia, and it will never be some upper-middle-class suburb in New Jersey.

Bini was excited to show them the apartment because of how luxurious it was for him and Ethiopian standards. But all they could do was comment on how small it was and how it wasn't equipped for their family.

But there are many families in Ethiopia who live like that. I don't know what mythical, magical, upper-class place they hope their daughter can relocate to in Ethiopia that will meet their standards, but the expectations are unrealistic and insulting.

Despite her mother's previous assertion, her parents offered to help them financially if it meant finding somewhere better. And they both got on Bini about finding a stable job to support his family more.

Last we knew, Bini had three jobs, but also, Ari doesn't want him working all of the time either, but they also need money.

Ari isn't working, and she wants to take care of Avi, but she also wants Bini to help her take care of Avi in addition to working.

You know, as long as he isn't working all the time because she doesn't want to be alone, but also, she refuses to look into finding friends, a community, and a support system outside of Bini.

Hell, even Ari mentioned that the prices in the neighborhoods are driven up because of the presence of ex-pats, which means there are other Americans and others out there she could bond with if she chose to do so, but she hasn't.

Bini can't win with these people. And it's always about what more he can do to support and take care of Ari, but she's an adult woman, not a child, and she should be able to do some things on her own.

The meeting of the families didn't go the best either. For one, despite her promise, Ari threw Bini under the bus to her parents after telling him that she wouldn't, and then she popped off on Bini's sisters, too.

Bini's sisters are a handful, and they are forceful about some things, but they also are well within reason to be concerned about Ari. They called her out for her way of yelling and putting on a show when she goes off on Bini.

It's not how things are done in Ethiopia, and you cannot expect to relocate to a different country and be resistant to the culture and lifestyle.

What they said about Ari wasn't wrong, but of course, Ari's mother always gives her the benefit of the doubt, and both of her parents think that Ari is getting ganged up on all of the time and never getting her way.

But Bini's sisters didn't do anything to Ari that Ari's mom didn't do to Biniyam during her first visit. Why is it OK in one case but not in the other?

And Ari has gotten her way a lot, but it continues to be frustrating that the moments where she doesn't, she hangs over Bini's head how she's willing to leave.

In that sense, yeah, Bini's sister is right; Ari does sound and act like Bini's ex-wife.

And Ari's parents would support her in that because of their distaste for the environment that little Avi will be raised in if he stays in Ethiopia.

The religious thing continues to be a problem. What's interesting is how Dr. Weinberg reacted to it all. In his marriage to Ari's mother, she was the one who basically conceded to Judaism despite her parents' wishes.

And now Ari and her father also would prefer if Bini conceded to Judaism too. If Janice compromised for Dr. Weinberg, then why does it bother him if his daughter does the same for Bini?

Bini and Ari are determined to prove their families wrong and show that they can work through their differences, communicate and compromise, and have a successful, happy life together in Ethiopia.

I hope they can.

Brittany and Yazan were determined to show Angela that they're ideal for one another, but she, like the rest of us, saw that their relationship is all over the place and toxic AF.

Yazan didn't freak out when he picked Angela and Brittany up from the bar. He was chill, and he admitted that he was treating her as he would a child.

They had complimentary words for each other, and he took her to the barbershop where he works. For some reason, he even let the drunken wild woman play around with scissors and cut his hair.

Angela was confused and mesmerized by the love-hate relationship Yazan and Brittany have, and it was nice to see someone in their world who looked at them the same way some of us do.

They remain a confusing pair who send each other mixed messages. It still feels as though Yazan is more in love with Brittany than she is with him.

But Yazan did give her some mixed messages when he told her one night that he was OK waiting a year to get married, but then he changed his mind by the next morning when she came to his apartment.

At least he didn't tell her she needed to convert to Islam, but it's still confusing as all hell. And he still hasn't told her the extent of what's happening between him and his family.

His decision to bring in a translator to relay everything he needs to tell Brittany about the situation and more is wise. Their inability to properly communicate with each other is probably what causes some of their issues.

But they are both coming from things with different stories that don't match up. Brittany's reaction to the death threat Yazan's father made should be interesting.

Over to you, 90 Day Fanatics. Do you think Bini's family is too hard on Ari and Ari's family is unrealistic regarding their views on Ethiopian expectations?

Should Sumit and Jenny get married without talking to his parents? What is happening with Brittany and Yazan? Hit the comments below.

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