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Brittany and Ariela are exhausting.

Even when the people around them are pleasant, level-headed, and decent, they find a way to suck all the positive energy out of a room.

And with 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 19, excluding Armando and Kenny, increasing Tim and Melyza's saga, and giving us our first glimpse of Coronavirus in India, we could've taken all the positivity we could get.

Family and friends were accompanying some of the couples in their respective places of origin. It seemed the installment for visits where they got to show off this new country they were residing in to their loved ones.

Tim was excited about his mother, Robin, and his aunt coming to Colombia for the first time, but Melyza had her reservations.

Two things can be correct at the same time. Tim and Melyza are over, and it makes no sense that they're trying to salvage this relationship. It also has surpassed the point of ridiculousness that Melyza is stringing Tim along when she knows damn well she doesn't forgive him and won't.

Robin probably knows that, and it's a fair enough assessment for her to make. Her son did wrong, but nothing good can come from him trying to make amends to make up for what he did if it's not going anywhere.

As a mother, her sentiment on that is normal. However, the woman must be delusional if she can't fathom why Melyza wouldn't want to be in the same room as her after the last time they were together.

Robin is the mother of all Karens; she solidified it with a move that she never should've made. When Robin tells her side of the argument that happened between Melyza and Tim, she claims it was uncomfortable for her as she was in the middle of it and didn't want any parts.

Both Tim and Melyza admit that they were arguing, getting loud, and may have even thrown something. But Tim knows that it was fresh off of Melyza finding out he cheated on her.

Despite both of them arguing with each other, Robin threatened to call the police on Melyza for the argument.

She didn't like that Melyza was yelling at her son, and in hindsight, maybe she wanted to strike first to calm Melyza down and avoid false allegations getting thrown about or a domestic disturbance called in.

But how the hell do you threaten to call the police on someone? We're not even going to factor in the other components of this for Melyza. How do you threaten to call the cops on Melyza for a mutual argument due to something your son did, and then expect Melyza to get over it and move on?

Hell, even TIM called foul on that. Tim understood the ramifications of his mother's actions and how damaging that was for Melyza and her relationship with Robin. It's not something you get over.

Robin doesn't even realize the extent of what she did wrong and how terribly that came across. Even if Tim and Melyza could miraculously reconcile and have a successful life together, that night irreparably damaged Melyza and Robin's relationship.

Robin also emphasized that Melyza wasn't good enough for Tim or the right person for him. In some ways, she's probably correct in them not right for each other, but given the timing of when she said all of this (after her son cheated on Melyza), and the cop thing, it all feels a bit sketchy.

Tim hoped that his mother and Melyza spending the day together, talking would clear things up. For some reason, he expected them to apologize to one another.

I don't understand why Melyza owed his mother an apology. It's not surprising that his mother never extended one to Melyza. They danced around their issues, and then nothing happened.

The Sumit and Jenny scenes were much of the same. Nothing of real substance happened other than a look at how Sumit and Jenny were spending quarantine together.

Jenny is excited about the divorce because of the ring ceremony she was dying to have with Sumit. She wants to move forward with their lives together, and despite everything that has gone on, she still loves to believe they can do that unobstructed.

The lockdown in India was terrifying for both Sumit and Jenny. He is a diabetic, and Jenny was, of course, in a vulnerable age bracket.

You could tell they were going stir-crazy after a while, and Jenny's video chat with her daughter was sad. But the games she and Sumit were playing were cute.

Yeah, they're a mess of a couple, and most of the people around them don't want them to be together, but you can't deny their love for each other.

In that sense, they're ahead of many of the other couples.

Deavan and Jihoon are hard to watch, because of our awareness of how things went down between them. And this installment was tough for a different reason.

Deaven revealed that she got pregnant again. She freaked out about having another child so soon after Taeyang, but she embraced the idea of a new baby soon enough.

Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. 

She was devastated, but Jihoon was there to support her through it, and they never seemed so domestic and stable since we've met them. Tragedies have a way of bringing people together.

Jihoon's parents were also supportive figures for Deavan during that difficult time. Despite their differences and their language barrier, Jihoon's mom was there for Deavan: woman to woman.

Their trip to the museum was cute, and I've never seen either woman smile so much with each other. Their hug was the absolute best.

Ari's father seems like a nice guy, and he responded well to Bini when he met him. He said Bini had kind eyes, and so far, he's the nicest person Bini has encountered from that clan.

Because Ari is a lot to deal with, and it's too much.

Again, Ari wants and needs Bini to work, but she also resents him for working too much and not being around to help her take care of the baby. Ari cannot have it both ways.

She wants it to be her and Bini against everyone, but she also wants a stable life in Ethiopia and money without any of the sacrifices.

She can't hide her distaste for Bini's family, but she hasn't made any attempts to make her own. She could have looked for a mommy and me group or something in Ethiopia. I'm sure she isn't the only American ex-pat there. Ari could look for other outlets and support to avoid her entire world revolving around Bini.

She doesn't have to like any of Bini's jobs, but if they are what is paying for their livelihood right now, then Ari needs to suck it up and deal with it. And if he has to work that much to make ends meet right now, then she needs to stop harping on him not being around to help her take care of the baby too.

Ari is a very privileged woman, and it's evident in many ways.

She's also a very jealous woman. Wish was instigating a bit, but is Ari's jealousy warranted? And is her jealousy a Bini problem or an Ari one?

The whole thing with picking a fight and needing to see his phone all of the time felt so childish. Ari needs a hobby and people to spend time with outside of Bini.

And the messed up thing is that I can't tell if Bini is behaving suspiciously or he just wants to get away from Ari sometimes.

Ari getting upset that Bini had to work the same night her parents arrived felt ridiculous. He picked them up from the airport by himself and rode with them to the hotel. He brought them flowers and was a perfect gentleman.

Even if he didn't have to work, would it have been so bad if he wanted to give her space with her parents?

Again, unfortunately, Ari nitpicks and complains so much while also holding a veiled threat of leaving and taking the baby with her every time she's unhappy that even if she did had valid reasons, it's hard to sympathize with her.

It's similar to Brittany. She was another case where her guest was more likable than she was.

Brittany likes to play games and do things for drama and attention. The only thing more ridiculous than her threatening not to board the plane was how she behaved when she got to Jordan.

Yazan called and texted her, wondering if she would still come. Even though she didn't acknowledge any of them, he still showed up anyway, and Brittany assumed he wouldn't and left him at the airport.

Yazan did need to chill out. She didn't see him and did not leave him there on purpose.

But the two of them are so toxic. Yazan said it all when he told the cameras that he hated her but loved her too.

Brittany's friend Angela was so sensible and level-headed. How are Angela and Brittany best friends?

Angela flew to Jordan to meet Yazan, so of course, it threw her off that Brittany refused to see him while they were there.

Angela had no issue calling Brittany out on her behavior -- mentioning Brittany's insensitivity to Yazan's feelings.

She pointed out that Brittany demands things from Yazam but never specifies what she needs him to do. Angela was the greatest.

She also didn't hesitate to point out that Brittany's attire wasn't proper when they went out. Angela seemed to do her research and was more considerate of the culture.

Clearly, Brittany was not taking Yazan seriously when he spoke about his country, culture, and customs. She assumed he was exaggerating, but Brittany's trip to the market proved otherwise.

Her attire garnered attention, and she already stood out as a tall, shapely black woman with uncovered hair. They called her names and alluded to her status as a loose, immoral, sinful woman.

For a moment, Brittany appeared to understand why Yazan has gotten on her case.

Angela could see Brittany was playing games with Yazan, and she was probably picking up why Yazan is so confused by Brittany.

Brittany was back on the Yazan train and called him, but unfortunately, it'll upset him when he sees she's inebriated.

Over to you, 90 Day Fanatics. Do you think Bini is cheating on Ari or is she overreacting about everything?

Is Brittany insensitive and reckless? Should Tim's mother apologize to Melyza? Are you surprised to find out that Deavan miscarried? Hit the comments!

You can watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way online here via TV Fanatic.

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