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How many of you have taken me up on my numerous plugs to watch Baroness von Sketch Show?

We have an exclusive clip for you from tonight's episode.

Even better, it's an entire sketch, so this will give you an idea of what you've been missing.

BVSS Ark 1

Four incredibly funny women make up Baroness von Sketch.

Meredith MacNeill, Carolyn Taylor, Aurora Browne, and Jennifer Whalen work in front of and behind the camera to make all of the magic happen.

BVSS Ark 2

They take everyday situations and turn them on their head, and they're not afraid to touch on hot-button topics, either.

With their deft touch, they prove that you don't have to be divisive to make a point or be funny.

I mean, who wants to leave people out of the fun? Not the wonderful team at the Baron von Sketch Show.

Another hint, they hail from Canada. You know, it's the place that brought you Schitt's Creek and it's ridiculous run at the Emmy Awards this year.


Canadians know funny, and they know how to hit just the right spot.

In our exclusive clip, Carolyn Taylor stars as a woman making the most of a terrible situation.

We're talking climate change, people, and the stunning after effects of a great flood.

Great flood, that brings to mind something in particular, doesn't it? It sure does, and it hasn't escaped the Baroness von Sketch talent.

BVSS Ark 4

Find out how to make lemonade out of climate change lemons, and be sure to tune into or record Baroness von Sketch tonight on IFC.

It drops at midnight, and if you're like me, it can get confusing on the actual date.

Wednesdays, just after 11:59 pm, tune to IFC, and there it will be!

Check out the clip now.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/11/baroness-von-sketch-show-exclusive-making-the-best-out-of-a-bad/


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