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They're back!

Both JJ and Theo return home to surprise their parents on Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-02-20.

They're returning for Abigail's party, but since Gwen is causing a ton of trouble, will they stay to support their families?

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 11-02-20

I'm hoping these two stick around a while.

It's no secret that JJ is one of my favorite characters, and I've missed him since his abrupt disappearance from our screens in February 2020.

So I'm thrilled he's back and hope it's for more than a few days!

And since Days of Our Lives just went to all the trouble of recasting Theo, it would be silly if he came just for the party and headed back to South Africa shortly afterward.

According to the spoiler video, Abigail drops a bombshell at the party: a letter from Jack to Kate implying he did something wrong while Jennifer was in her coma.

Most likely, whatever letter Abby has between Jack and Kate is either forged or taken totally out of context. Gwen wants to ruin everything for the Deverauxes, so there's no reason to believe this is at all real.

I'm curious as to what the letter says, though. It can't be about Jack fathering Gwen since the coma is recent history. Also, I wonder how JJ will respond.

He's close to both Jack and Jen and his original problems stemmed from his over-idealization of his deeply flawed father. So it's anyone's guess whose side he will take once whatever this is comes out.

While the party appears to be the biggest story of the week, there's plenty more action on Days of Our Lives! Check out our full list of spoiler photos below and let us know what you think.

Eli wakes up to find himself in the hospital with Lani.

According to the spoiler video, Lani overheard Eli apologizing to Kristen in his sleep.

That's... incredibly cliche, and I wish Days of Our Lives would find something better to do than that silly trope.

In any case, Eli will undoubtedly make up some story about how he's just sorry he had to arrest Kristen or something, and Lani will believe it, so we can drag this annoying secret out for a while longer.

Tripp bares his soul to Ciara's grave.

I'd have an easier time getting behind this spoiler if I believed for a second that Ciara was dead.

Knowing Days of Our Lives, I'm half expecting her to pop up at her own memorial. And if not then, soon after... or whenever the showrunners have either recast her or gotten Victoria Konefal to agree to return.

So it's difficult to take these grief scenes seriously when they're most likely going to turn out to be a waste of energy. 

Plus, Tripp is probably going to be mostly focused on how everything thinks he raped Allie, which is not what I'd prefer to see.

Shawn persuades Ben he must find some way to carry on.

Thank goodness!

Of course, Ben should really be spending some time behind bars for attacking a cop, kidnapping a prisoner, and attempting to kill that prisoner, but Salem doesn't have the same laws as the real world. 

In any case, I'm looking forward to an end to this annoying storyline. Let's hope better things are in store for Ben soon.

Gwen interrupts a romantic moment between Chad and Abigail.

What else is new?

Gwen is always either interrupting Chad and Abigail or interrupting Jack and Jennifer.

This is likely going to be when she plants that letter or otherwise starts poisoning Abigail against Abby's parents, too.

The most infuriating part of this storyline is that Abigail is supposed to be an investigate reporter, yet she has no clue that she's being played even though Gwen is super obvious about it.

Allie tells Nicole the DNA results came back.

Okay, so what do they say?

My guess is that the DNA results implicate Tripp but have been doctored, because DNA tests are never right in Salem. And since Kate is hellbent on getting justice, my money is on her the one doctoring them.

The more interesting question is how Tripp will react to having his DNA taken without his permission. I'm sure he'll blame Kayla, but will he be on the outs with his father as well?

Justin tells Bonnie he forgives her.

This is the least interesting spoiler for the week of 11-02-20.

This Justin/Bonnie thing is ridiculous.

If the showrunners wanted to keep Judi Evan on canvas, they could have not killed Adrienne off in the first place.

And relationships based on the person looking like your dead spouse don't work out so well. Not even in Salem.

Abigail throws a party honoring her parents.

I don't know why anyone agrees to parties on Days of Our Lives.

At best, a not-so-dead spouse or family member crashes the festivities. But most of the time, either some evildoer shows up or someone gets killed.

Despite the overuse of the messed up party trope, though, these should be fun scenes.

I love when Days of Our Lives focuses on family, and JJ and Theo's returns make this prospect even sweeter.

Kate runs into Jake on her way to the party and invites him to join her.

Of course she does.

Days of Our Lives is moving Jake and Kate toward a relationship that few fans want to see.

Jake "only likes bad girls," according to the spolier video, which shows he has no clue who Kate is.

It also shows that his character has done a 180 since he was a tough-talking mechanic who had no use for the manipulative and nasty way Dimeras conducted themselves.

Theo comes home and surprises Abe.

Welcome home, Theo!

This is the third actor to play Abe's son. Hopefully, he gets Theo's autistic quirks right.

And more importantly, hopefully this time the writers write Theo's autism realistically and don't forget that he has it.

Though given their track record on mental and physical health issues, that's not terribly likely.


Abigail is deeply shaken after finding a letter from Jack to Kate.

As I mentioned above, I doubt that this letter is 100% authentic.

At the very least, some pages are probably missing that would prove a problematic-looking thing was entirely innocent.

I don't suppose intrepid investigative reporter Abigail will do as much as ask Kate if she actually wrote this thing, though, and authenticating it at all is probably off the table too.

Jack and Jennifer's friends and family help them celebrate their anniversary.

I can't wait for all the family moments... and for how everyone reacts to this letter Abigail has.

Too bad Hope won't be there. She's Jennifer's best friend as well as her cousin. But since the writers have gone the mysterious disappearance route rather than recasting, that's how it has to be.

I also wonder whether JJ will be reminded of that surprise party he threw for Paige when she revealed that she knew he had slept with Eve when all this comes out.

In any case, these should be some drama-filled scenes that will be a lot more fun to watch than all of the violence Days of Our Lives has engaged in recently.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

What are you most looking forward to during the week of 11-02-20? Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button to let us know!

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