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It's official: Belle and Shawn are getting married (again!).

If you didn't realize the couple hadn't already tied the knot, you're not alone. It's hard to keep track of all the marriages and divorces in Salem, and Belle and Shawn certainly seemed like a married couple.

But on Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-16-20, Belle and Shawn prepare to once again enter married life... if Jan Spears doesn't ruin everything.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 11-16-20

The official spoiler video suggests things are mostly happy for the newly-engaged couple.

John and Marlena congratulate them and Claire asks new boy Charlie to be her plus-one.

That's where the drama comes in: Shawn doesn't appear to like that idea. 

What exactly are your intentions with my daughter? Did I mention I was a cop?

Shawn [to Charlie]

Charlie's answer to this will be interesting, since many fans speculate that he is not only too good to be true but that he may be the person who actually raped Allie.

Speaking of which, the spoiler video also suggests more trouble ahead for Steve and Kayla.

You think Tripp is telling the truth and I don't. Like mother, like son.


It's disturbing that Kayla has abandoned her scientific-based stance for some ridiculous guilt-by-association argument because she doesn't like Tripp's mother.

That's a silly reason to believe anything, and hopefully, the scene will have more substance than that.

There's also more to come on several other fronts. Check out the twelve spoiler pics below for all the scoop!

Steve and Kayla argue about Tripp's innocence.

As mentioned above, Steve and Kayla won't see eye-to-eye about Tripp anytime soon.

Kayla has good reason to doubt Tripp's story. He's acting like a guilty man by resisting taking a DNA test, pressuring Allie on multiple occasions to drop the case, and most importantly, by the scientific proof that he is related to Allie's baby.

His being Ava's son is irrelevant, though. There are way better reasons to doubt him, though he will probably turn out to be innocent in the end.

Ava visits a surprising friend.

I wish Ava would visit a portal back to whatever dimension she dropped in from.

I seriously can't stand her and see no need for her to be on canvas. And who is she visiting?

Maybe it'll be Gwen, and she'll turn out to have something to do with why Gwen is so hateful toward the Deverauxes. 

She could also be visiting Xander. After all, he was in the warehouse when she and everyone else were resurrected.

Lani confronts Eli about his deception!

Yay. This ridiculous story is coming to an end or at least morphing into a Lani hates Eli story.

Kristen may be Lani's "best friend," but Eli is her husband, and Lani consistently puts him last.

And the fact of the matter is, Kristen is in jail because she stabbed Victor. It doesn't matter how much half of Salem hates Victor. He was still the victim here.

And Eli may have been pushed into it by his inability to stand up to Trask, but he was doing his job, even if it is ironic that he did it to stop Lani from going to jail for being a crooked cop.

Jack tries to repair his relationship with Jennifer.

One of the worst things about this story is the way it's twisted Jennifer's character out of shape.

Jennifer isn't the type to rant and rave and slap people, but that's what the writers have her doing because of this stupid, contrived one-night stand between Jack and Kate.

I'd rather JJ be used properly now that he's back. DAYS could get a lot of mileage out of JJ struggling with the ways that he sees himself to be similar to his cheating father while trying to support both his parents.

It could also bring up JJ's childhood feelings about his parents getting divorced. But instead we're getting more of Jack begging Jennifer to take him back and little else.

Jennifer and Kate have an intense confrontation.

Of course, they do.

As mentioned above, Jennifer has been turned into a quick-to-slap shrew, and that's what the spolier video depicts.

Kate gloats and Jennifer slaps her. Do we really need these juvenile antics?

Gwen visits Rolf and shares the next phase of her plan.

I hope we'll get a glimpse into why she's so hateful.

As for the plan itself, it's fairly obvious.

Gwen thinks she has now driven a wedge between Jack and Abby and expects Jennifer and JJ to turn against Abby too. So next step: trying to snag Chad for herself.

Rolf's responses to Gwen should be entertaining, though. No one does wisecracks better than the Dimeras' mad scientist!

JJ consoles a guilt-ridden Abigail.

Yay! Something substantial for JJ to do.

Abigail has more than enough reason to feel guilty, though.

She chose to listen to Gwen every step of the way.  went into Kate's room without permission, read her letter without permission, and revealed its contents publically rather than asking Jack privately about what it all meant. Plus she drank glass after glass of champagne while on medication that she knew interacted badly with alcohol.

Yes, Jack was the one who had the one-night stand, but Abby made a series of terrible choices that contributed to this situation being worse than it needed to be.

Sarah spies on Philip.

Sarah's BEEN spying on Philip. This will be the third time she does it.

I'm pretty sure we're headed for a story where Sarah pretends to be into Philip to find out what he's up to, and possibly falls for him for real.

Because Days of Our Lives has never done THAT before, and certainly not twice in the last year.

Jan manipulates Claire.

This is another spoiler that sounds like a rerun.

Jan has been manipulating Claire since the day they met. The only question here is what she's going to do now.

Most likely she's going to try to do something to interfere with Shawn and Belle's wedding, but what?

Shawn and Belle's wedding ceremony begins.

I'm willing to bet they forgot to spend on security.

Salem weddings almost always end in disaster, and with Jan Spears on the loose anything can happen.

Fans are taking bets on whether Shawn will find Jan under the veil where Belle belongs or if she has something more nefarious in mind.

John and Shawn give Charlie the third degree.

This will only push Claire and Charlie closer together.

There are good reasons to be worried. Charlie is a stranger to Salem, and Claire is vulnerable because of her rocky past.

Of course, Claire's violence was set off by jealousy and insecurity, so her parents really should be more worried that she'll lose it if things go south with Charlie.

But it looks like they'll go the more traditional route of trying to scare her new boyfriend away.

Sarah snaps a picture of Philip with his mystery partner.

Finally, some movement on this Sarah spying storyline!

Of course, Philip's partner isn't a mystery to us. We all know it's Ava.

But Sarah doesn't, and her reaction (including what she decides to do with this information) could be interesting.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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