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Poor Massimo kept going further down the rabbit hole, as he had little idea of what Dominic was doing.

Massimo may no longer be the prime suspect in Edward's death, but he was hardly free and clear on Devils Season 1 Episode 6.

For his past actions, Dominic decided to torment him at work, while Duval ordered Sofia to step up her efforts to recruit him for Subterranea.

The smart play would have been for Massimo to keep his head down and focus on work.

But Massimo hasn't gotten where he is without being willing to take big risks.

Instead, he decided to pursue multiple paths to get ahold of Edward's documents in possession of the police.

Simple enough, right?

Just play a current ally against a potential ally.

Only, despite any evidence to the contrary, Massimo did appear to have grown a conscience.

Or at least can feel guilty about his past actions.

Massimo actually made decisions based on his feelings for Sofia.

When the wheels started to fall off on Devils Season 1 Episode 5, who did he run to?

Not Eleanor, his subordinate with benefits. She was just too mercenary to understand how he was feeling.

No, he went to Sofia, who is passionate if misguided.

Which, despite her ongoing seduction of Massimo, seemed to shock the hell out of Sofia.

As much as Duval, with Sofia as his agent, wants to use Massimo for his own ends, Massimo, likewise, wants to utilize the resources of Subterranea.

Massimo needs someone on the outside to serve his investigative needs. He must sense that his detective, Rigby, has been suborned by Dominic, based on his lack of results looking into Carrie's reappearance.

And yet, he still used Rigby to look into Sofia's past, which makes little sense. Massimo may have been developing feelings for her, yet he wanted to know what she's about.

All Rigby's report did was to bring Massimo's connection to Sofia to light. Massimo may not have remembered, but Kalim recalled how Massimo led NYL's charge to cash in on the failures of those Buenos Aires banks, including the one where Sofia's brother shot himself.

Previously, it appeared that Sofia blamed Dominic for her brother's death. But what if she knows about Massimo's role in that event? Might he actually be her target?

In any event, likely out of guilt, Massimo screwed the cops, Bale and Winks, in order to save Sofia from being arrested. That left him without the documents he so badly needed.

Have we seen the last of Bale and Winks? Probably not, until Edward's murder is solved. Maybe the proof of who killed Edward will get Massimo off the hook with them.

Massimo's gesture seemed to have been appreciated by Duval and Sofia.

Duval explained his past to Massimo, and they did appear to be more similar, philosophically, than Massimo was willing to admit.

And, after his initial anger, Sofia came around, stealing those documents for Massimo. But did she do it because she has feelings for Massimo, or does she have an ulterior motive for doing so?

That long stare at the end seemed to suggest the latter.

Massimo's dealings with Subterranea and the police were the less dangerous activities in which Massimo was engaged.

Dominic promised to punish him for his past underhanded activities, and he did, promoting the weaselly Chris to deputy CEO, a post which should have been Massimo's, then demoted Massimo in favor of incompetent womanizer, Paul, as head of trading.

Oliver was the one hit hardest by this change. He was using his new wealth to move his young brother into a better school, and then his status was up in the air.

Oliver is whip smart when it comes to spotting trends but naive when it comes to the world of business. Dominic and his stooge, Paul, exploited Oliver, having him develop a strategy to downgrade the perception of the financial viability of small European nations, which was, in turn, leaked to Subterranea.

Oliver, the series' most likeable character, has to become accustomed to the way international banks do business -- quickly or get crushed. After seeing what was done with his report, he could be a great asset for Massimo if used correctly.

Eleanor and Kalim are not going to thrive under NYL's new regime. Paul even gave his former bestie, Kalim, the worst kind of duty available in "the freezer."

Paul, who blames Massimo for firing him, is going to be a puppet for Chris and Dominic. And here's hoping that Chris gets the comeuppance he deserves, sooner rather than later.

At least Massimo's lesser status will allow him to come and go as he sees fit. Unfortunately, he was being tailed, so his movements are being tracked by ... Dominic? Subterranea? Someone else?

There are two mysteries remaining to be solved.

The first is, who killed Edward?

That question likely ties into the second mystery: What is Dominic up to? It's something having to do with a cabal of big wigs making money off the world economy. But that hasn't been dumbed down enough for the average viewer to understand.

While investigating his rival, Massimo, Edward found out something he shouldn't have about what Dominic is doing. That's why he was killed.

Now that Massimo has those documents, can he figure that out?

To catch up on Dominic's conspiracy, watch Devils online.

Will Massimo ever get ahead of Dominic?

Who will betray Massimo next?

Is Sofia on his side or not?

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