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The more Massimo digs, the more trouble he gets into.

Tearing into Edward's documents that Sofia had stolen from the police revealed to Massimo the hole which he's in on Devils Season 1 Episode 7.

Any idea that Dominic felt sentimental about Massimo was swept aside, as Dominic's global strategy was uncovered by Massimo.

Not that what Dominic was planning was entirely clear, like much of the financial shenanigans on Devils. That's frustrating, but it would be difficult to fit much explanation into the narrative.

So let's leave it at, "You don't want to know how the sausage is made." That's the world economy in a nutshell: kielbasa.

The overview is that Dominic wanted to ruin the Euro in the hopes of strengthening the dollar, which was hard to do when the United States was still recovering from the Great Recession.

And Massimo was unknowingly involved with this plot since Dominic used Massimo's electronic signature on all those documents, facilitating the flow of millions through NYL. Those funds ended up stashed in Hans' German bank, which Dominic had rescued but not out of the kindness of his heart.

Massimo has been flailing along several steps behind Dominic. But by stealing Edward's documents from Bale's apartment on Devils Season 1 Episode 6, Sofia gave him the opportunity to catch up.

Massimo had gone out of his way to save Sofia when he sped ahead to warn her about the police coming. Granted, the cops were there at his invitation, but still, he sacrificed an opportunity to get those documents so that Sofia could escape.

Part of that was guilt about the part he played in the suicide of Sofia's brother/protector. But it almost seems like Massimo feels something for Sofia.

Similarly, how much of Sofia's obtaining the file was calculation on her part and how much was her being attracted to Massimo?

They are frighteningly alike, both focused on their goals and willing to run over anyone who gets in the way.

They're likely to go up in flames as a couple, but right now, they need each other. Sofia has access that Massimo lacks while being Massimo's handler gives Sofia cachet back at Subterranea. 

Massimo tried to protect Sofia from what promised to be a dangerous mission, but she was too stubborn to let him out of her sight.

He certainly called that risk, as their car was nearly run off the road as they traveled to scenic Moldava to visit a boarded-up nuclear plant, which somehow was considered collateral for the millions Dominic was shuffling around.

But Sofia is already on Dominic's radar. Why else would his fixer, Alex, be following her when she left?

For someone who is a member of the secretive anarchist organization, Sofia seems known by too many of the wrong people.

Maybe she should get some tips from her boss, Duval, who appeared to be able to move about in obscurity.

What is disgusting is how Duval continues to use Sofia as a "honey pot," instead of appreciating what she has been able to accomplish. It's not surprising that she sided with Massimo in the end.

Or is Sofia primarily on her own side? Massimo certainly gave her all the power when he handed over Edward's documents for her to hide.

Dominic continued to make all the right moves. His is a strategy that has been developed over a number of years.

Meanwhile, Massimo was unaware, too busy making money after Carrie left and too distracted after Dominic's lawyer brought Carrie back to London.

Dominic didn't appear terribly concerned that Massimo had started putting the pieces together, especially since Massimo's name was all over the supporting documents. It will be difficult Massimo to bring down Dominic without taking himself down as well.

Dominic was answering to someone new, as Jeremy Stonehouse, played by the always intimidating Michael Nouri, paid a visit to question Dominic's approach, particularly when it came to allowing Massimo to roam free to cause trouble.

Dominic seemed unperturbed by Jeremy stopping by, just as he does by the constant nudging from Margaret Cunningham. But his scheme has to reach fruition soon or those above him will start having more second thoughts.

So how can Massimo upend Dominic's plan while extricating himself from that mess and proving who killed Edward?

Fortunately, he has others willing to help him besides Sofia. But everyone's loyalties remain suspect.

While Kalim and Eleanor technically answer to Paul, they know what a puppet he is for Dominic.

The duo had gone their own way for a bit while Massimo was distracted. But they were there for him while he was attempting to figure out Dominic's scheme. Who knows how long that will last?

The mistake Massimo made was cutting out Oliver at Eleanor's suggestion.

Oliver was at a crossroads. He was looking to move on up with Tyrone and LaToya. That became even more important after Tyrone was assaulted, following Oliver's confication of the gun belonging to Tyrone's friend.

So when he was getting the cold shoulder from Massimo, that made him more susceptible to Dominic's blackmail to become his mole on Massimo's team.

Oliver is getting used to his new lifestyle. That means Dominic has put him in a tight spot.

To appreciate Massimo's dilemma, watch Devils online.

Is Sofia loyal to Massimo?

Which way will Oliver go?

What's Massimo's next play?

Comment below.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/11/devils-season-1-episode-7-review-falling-in-deeper/


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