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Could this be the best season of Fear the Walking Dead yet?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 confirmed the series is not slowing down and is going a long way to make up for the less-than-stellar storytelling on Fear the Walking Dead Season 5. 

The biggest compliment I can give "Honey" is how well the simmering tension between different factions reached the boiling point. 

Dwight and Sherry's short-lived happiness was to be expected, especially when you consider this franchise is not one for happy endings. 

Still, what we got felt true to the characters. If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know Dwight did some horrible things way back when. 

He was horrible, but he was doing what he needed to in order to stay on the right side of the Saviors and quickly changed focus when he got the chance. 

Negan was a merciless ruler, and his reign of terror had a profound effect on both Dwight and Sherry, to the point that either one of them would still kill him if they got the chance. 

That could explain why Sherry was so intent on murdering Virginia without having the resources to take down her army. 

I appreciated the way Sherry wanted to do the deed, but I enjoyed the emotional dilemma she had when Dwight urged her not to pull the trigger. 

But this development has changed their relationship forever. One minute, they were embracing and happy to be together again, but the next, they were going their separate ways. 

Their relationship, even with its flaws, was too good to be true. They are still scarred from the past, and they're going to need to work on their individual issues before they will be able to make a lasting connection. 

Dwight is still holding on to the hope that they will be able to work things out, as evidenced by the way he put the infinity symbol on the truck in the closing moments. 

He lost hope long ago, but his short-term reunion with Sherry allowed him to open his heart again to bigger possibilities. 

They may be separated, but Sherry's group will likely pop in again when the battle with Virginia is imminent. 

Making an army out of Virginia's rejects was highly satisfying. It's poetic justice that the people she deemed to be idiots and unworthy of serving her could be her undoing. 

It's not often that I agree with Morgan, but he was right in his assessment that attacking now, while they don't have the resources to deal with the backlash, is a bad move. 

Virginia is the type of person that if you take a swing at her and miss, you're going to die. What would have stopped her putting a kill order on John, June, Alicia, Strand, and everyone else closely aligned with Morgan and Al?

There are too many variables when it comes to war, and you need to plan your attacks by taking everything into consideration. 

Morgan has been a terribly written character for a few years, but Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 is doing right by him. 

His "all lives matter" shtick has been tedious, but it's clear Lennie James is relishing in his character's new direction.

James is killing it every single episode as this new person who understands that killing people is necessary to keep other people safe. 

Gone is the man with the stick, and in is an axe-wielding menace who is fit to be a leader. Under Morgan's rule, the characters did some terrible things. 

But going against Virginia has allowed most of them to understand how they should be approaching villains from here on out. 

Morgan has been high up on Virginia's hit list for some time now, but now, so are Dwight and Al. Granted, Morgan's mouth got him in trouble with her, but Dwight and Al have been put in danger due to their association with Sherry. 

Will the walkers made to look like them fool Virginia? I don't think so, but it would be nice if it did, if only to see the smug look washed off Virginia's face when she realizes that there is an uprising against her.

At this stage, John is looking to jump ship. Daniel, Alicia, and Charlie will, as well, but I'm not as certain as I once was about Strand. 

He's enjoying his position of power too much, and I dare say he will be forced to choose before long. 

We still haven't caught up with Luciana, and that's mildly concerning. I know the series has been taking a less-is-more approach, but we still need to see some of the longer serving cast members. 

Alicia's lack of screen time is not unwelcome, though. She was obliterated on Fear the Walking Dead Season 5, so I think some time is needed to allow her to come back stronger than ever. 

Then there's Grace. She was a true bright spot of that terrible season, and she's still very much missing in action. 

She connected with Morgan, but it's hard to imagine her still having that connection when they ultimately cross paths again. 

What are your thoughts on the trajectory of the series? Are you digging the new direction? 

Are there any characters that could do with more screen time?

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