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Did June make a deal with the devil?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 was a pulse-pounding installment that featured several misdirects, tense zombie battles, and a lot of payoff to some big storylines. 

June has been on the back burner throughout Fear the Walking Dead Season 6, but she took center stage during "Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg" when it became clear that she had some decisions to make. 

If you watch Fear the Walking Dead online, you know that June has been driven by her determination to save lives since the world literally ended. 

That's why it was inevitable there would come a time when she had to decide whether to allow Virginia, the tyrant that effectively dismantled June's crew, to live or die. 

Had this been any other character with such a big opportunity, they would not have saved Virginia, but June was driven by her desire to save more lives. 

The vehicle is simply not enough as a hospital to save the unfortunate people who are not part of a wider group, so building a definite base to aid people seems like the best course of action. 

I know June's motives were genuine, but Virginia is not going to forget that June was going to let her perish. Even if June plays nice with Virginia and forgets the past, Virginia will not. 

Virginia is not the forgiving type and only seems to care when she's calling the shots. Her thinly-veiled attempt at making it seem like she cared for anyone trapped in the oil field solidified that.

The struggle between Virginia and June made for great TV, but June clearly doesn't understand that she may have lost her husband for good. 

One minute, they were planning their great escape, and the next, June was rolling over like a dog with a bone for Virginia as her husband made a fateful decision about his future. 

This is not a good season for happy couples, it seems, but at least John understood why June couldn't bail on everyone in their time of need. 

They went months without each other, so what's a few more if they get what they want in the end? 

Virginia is not going to be thrilled about John running off, and this could further accelerate Virginia's plan of attack, but for now, it seems June and Ginny have a common goal. 

What I'm more intrigued about here is finding out just what they are dealing with. 

Are these people a cult, or is there a method to their madness? The submarine, the writing everywhere, and just the uncertainty surrounding them is making things difficult for everyone not associated with them. 

Wes with the paint was either a red herring or confirmation that his introduction on Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 was not merely to give Alicia another ally. 

After being wounded during the scuffle, Wes could have died if June did not step in to help in the nick of time. 

The most surprising thing about this episode is that we didn't get any big deaths. We had lots of explosions, battles with walkers, and not a single death of one of the beloved characters. 

The writing was impressive enough to keep all of the characters breathing for another episode, suggesting the showrunners are confident in the direction of the series.

We're slowly building towards a battle, but there appears to be so many sides that it will be tough to pick one when it inevitably happens. 

That being said, the tension was definitely burning bright throughout the hour as the characters faced deeply rooted, personal struggles. 

It was about time we checked in with Luciana and Sarah, but it also highlighted how far Luciana has fallen. She was such a powerhouse when she was introduced, only to become the significant other of one of the leads. 

With the writing improving across the board, it would be nice to get a Luciana-centric hour to put Danay Garcia back to the forefront. 

Even though she's one of the longest serving cast members, there is still a lot we don't know about her. 

Sarah has been MIA for a while, but her return made it feel like she was never really gone. She was still her quick-witted self, so I was happy she got her reunion with Wendell. 

Those two are one of the best dynamic duos on the small screen, and the less-is-more approach is doing wonders for them. 

"The End is the Beginning" group certainly seem like they're all about starting anew, and I can't be the only one who mistook Paige for Sarah at the top of the hour. 

Virginia is visibly worried about this new group, and what they could potentially do to change the order of the world. 

She's been in power so long, but she's slowly losing her grip on it, leading me to think there will be an uprising among her group when they get wind of her giving June more power than ever. 

What did you think of the deadly battles?

Hit the comments. 

Fear the Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC. 

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