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Fight night turned into fright night.

The events of Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 8 left the trusty devoted reporter dead, Becky in labor, Jesus kidnapped by a religious psychopath, Mark jail-bound, and Rose headed to NYC for an abortion.

Whew, did you get all of that?

First, we need to talk about Franklin and Margaret. They took a huge step forward at the end of Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 7, but was it all for naught?

They spent the night together, but it doesn't seem as though anything has changed enough between them. Margaret was trying to keep her distance, and for a bit, she was behaving as if nothing had happened.

Franklin thought they made a turnaround in their relationship after growing up with each other. However, Margaret placated him with this need to take things slow, and it's hard to understand her feelings about Franklin and the future of their relationship.

When he asked her what they were, she said they were what they always have been with extra, but that's still not the relationship Franklin wants.

He spent his entire life waiting on Margaret. He's a patient man who doesn't have an issue waiting for more, but that's not fair to him.

Margaret: I need to take it slow.
Franklin: Half a lifetime ain't slow enough?
Margaret: I'll come and find you at the fight. You'll wait for me?
Franklin: I've waited this long. But Margaret, don't be scared to be loved.

Based on that flashback, he's always left waiting for Margaret, and Eugene made him pay the price for it. When you look at the relationship between all of them as teens, it makes you wonder how Franklin could stand working with either of them for decades.

Eugene and his friends pummeled young Franklin for having the audacity to plan a nice date with Margeret. And in the present, it was much of the same with Franklin extending invitations and laying his heart out there, and Margaret didn't show up or got distracted.

She takes Franklin for granted. But with Franklin's growing frustration and his shared with Eugene, did he have anything to do with Eugene's plane crash or some other attempt to shake up the Monreauxs lives?

Luke was the person who could've done that, but he's dead now. He didn't seem as surprised by whoever showed up at his apartment, so who was it that killed him?

He was working alongside Eugene, and Haggamon had his hands busy with attacking Becky and kidnapping Jesus. Do you think it was Paul?

Becky was right when she said Paul handled the divorce news too well, and he was still reeling from Mark not giving a damn about his blackmail tactics.

Paul was pulling out all the stops to gain control of Eric and get Mark's share of the company. He's not one to take anything lying down, and as he told Becky, they have worked too hard to get this far.

Paul isn't the sort of person to let anything go, so he would find a new tactic to get what he wanted, and that could include killing Luke before the reporter exposed too much. He probably picked up that Luke didn't buy any of his bullcrap and pegged him as the person who arranged for the plane crash.

Luke: How did Reverend Paul become your spiritual advisor?
Eugene: Paul and Becky were in our praise choir. Paul was talented, and he loved the attention, but he is really in the confession bracket. He would get secrets out of powerful men. Then he'd own them.
Luke: Maybe powerful men should have fewer secrets.

Ginger is going to feel awful when she finds out about Luke. She blew him off for Rose. Luke's investigation was dangerous, and he was always on the cusp of getting himself killed.

Something about Eugene's statement regarding how far the 18:20 reaches was ominous. He said there are members of it in every state and also all over the world.

The organization is bigger than any of them thought, and they have more power than anyone is giving them credit for, so the takedown is herculean.

Becky was afraid that Paul was going to do something to Eric, and she's right; Paul would think of Eric as disposable. But if he stopped Luke and sent Eric a message by doing so, then maybe he would've avoided taking out the father of his sister's baby.

Eric and I had to get married. I don't think he ever loved me anyway.


Becky continued to shine. She was there with Ginger when they went apartment hunting, and she's still squeamish about labels and putting a name on her sexuality, but she was open about her relationship with Eric.

For some reason, it seemed as though she and Eric were married for a long time. It turns out that Eric got Becky pregnant, and that's what led to a shotgun wedding.

Becky mused that there was probably never any love there, and sadly, she's probably right, but they have something akin to it now. Once they stripped away the marriage and faced it for what it is, they have a mutual understanding and respect for one another.

Becky and Eric will probably work better as friends and co-parents than they ever will as a married couple.

Realtor: This is an open-minded school district.
Ginger: This house isn't for us.
Becky: I'm not a lesbian.

Eric was shocked to find out that his pregnant wife had an affair, too, and it'll be hysterical when he finds out that the person his wife is in love with is Ginger.

Paul always controlled Becky, and he was an opportunist. It was interesting to see that Eric didn't always stand up to Paul for himself, but he seemed to be cognizant and protective of Becky when it came to how Paul treated her.

Paul didn't hide that he was determined to keep Becky in the closet, and he used her to get ahead. But Becky is done with all of that.

She and Ginger had a sweet chat in the bathroom, and they're ready to make whatever it is they are to one another work. They're both committed to it.

It's a complicated situation, but it's impressive how this bizarre family has come together and formed such unusual bonds.

Ginger and Becky pursuing things together means that Eric can do the same with Rachel.

And it has never ceased to amuse how Antonio, Yopi, and Jesus have become family with Ginger, Rachel, and the girls. Rachel was so fond of baby Jesus.

She's beside herself that Haggamon took him on her watch. Antonio had such a high winning his fight, and he's going to return to the worst thing that could ever happen to him.

Initially, Yopi pushing Antonio so hard was frustrating, and it felt as though the bit of progress and change of heart some of us had for Yopi was all for naught.

Antonio was doing everything he could to avoid taking a dive during that fight. You could tell he intended to not make weight, and Yopi wasn't having any of it.

But Yopi knows her son, and she knew he wouldn't go through with throwing the fight no matter what. She suspected that his conversation would Margaret would be the last thing to push him over the edge.

It was a bit nerve-wracking when Yopi told Rachel to bet the full six million on a fighter. But Yopi knows her son well, and she suspected he wasn't going to throw the fight.

She was so proud of him, and she tripled their money. She had Don to deal with, and I don't know how she'll fare well against him. They're hard to figure out.

Rose's independent stance is holding, and she and Margaret butted heads over Rose getting an abortion.

A mother always knows, and Margeret picked up on the signs as quickly as we probably did that Rose was pregnant. It's crazy how Ginger knows Mark is the father, but she still thinks Mark is Jason.

You're nauseous. You're overly tired. Rose, are you pregnant? 


Ginger is just totally chill about the fact that her two half-siblings are getting it on.

Margaret was butting in and spilling the beans all over the place. She assumed that Brett was the father, and she wasted no time telling him to do right by her daughter.

It's sad that she would inflict the likes of Brett on her daughter for the sake of image. Brett was the absolute worst in his tacky jacket and with his douchey attitude.

It's hard to keep up with who knows what secrets. Rose was upset with Mark, and she assumed that he was in a relationship with Veronica.

She didn't know that Veronica was Jason's mother. Her jealousy dissipated, but then she was angry at him for leading Veronica to believe that she was forging a relationship with her son.

And she was pissed off that everyone was trying to tell her what to do with her body and the baby.

Between Rose and Veronica's comment to Mark about Franklin, he decided to make a move that's about to blow everything up again.

He couldn't wait to put his hands on Brett, and for that, I can't blame him. The guy was an asshole. But he reported himself to the cops under his real name, and once it hits the news, everyone will know that he's a fraud.

There must be some kind of mistake. Today is the first time I've seen Rose in maybe a year, but if I find the guy, I'll kick his ass for you.


Mark has been such a lowkey, laidback character, but he made some boss moves during the hour. I loved his response to Paul when the good Reverend attempted to blackmail him.

Paul has gotten so used to blackmailing powerful, rich men with a lot to lose that he forgot that doesn't work on nobodies.

Mark is a street kid, and a former poor one, just like Paul. He sees through the bullcrap, and he doesn't have much to lose. Go, Mark!

It's too bad that Rose will be in NYC before she hears about what Mark did. Although, they were still on the runway, so maybe Jesus' disappearance, Becky's attack by Haggamon, Mark's arrest, and Luke's murder will have their phones blowing up.

Mark: I thought about your offer. Blackmail isn't really my jam.
Paul: That leaves me really no choice but to tell your sugar momma all about Mark. 
Mark: Mark can speak for himself.

Over to you, Filthy Rich Fanatics. Who killed Luke? What will Eugene do now?

Will Rose get her abortion? What will happen when everyone finds out about Mark? Hit the comments below.

You can watch Filthy Rich online here via TV Fanatic.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/11/filthy-rich-season-1-episode-8-review-james-4-1/


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