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What a season finale, right? The last, by all accounts.

It wasn't just the loss of Cass but the end of all living things by the time Supernatural Season 15 Episode 19 began.

With the boys feeling useless and dejected, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Chuck wasn't going to make it easy. Being Sam and Dean, the first thing they wanted to do was offer themselves up for his writing pleasure. They were ready to do to each other whatever he wanted, as long as Chuck set things right first.

But if there is one thing we know about creative types and certainly about Chuck, they don't liek to be told how their story will end. It's all up to them, and by the time Sam and Dean had given up, Chuck was enjoying the new path.

If you're one who can't stand when a dog gets killed in an otherwise good story, then you must be able to imagine how defeated Dean felt when he found and saved a dog only to have Chuck obliterate it right out of the Impala.

But an unexpected ally appeared ready to help. Michael. Unfortunately, Adam is gone, also obliterated. But sporting his skin, Michael decided against helping Chuck.

I don't know about you but after what we saw with Chuck and the dog, I didn't trust Michael. It was even worse when he couldn't open the book.

Yes, there was something out there. It was obvious when Chuck was in tears outside, calling out to Cass, and the wind was blowing oddly. There was something, but I wasn't sure it was Michael.

The same was true when Cass called and arrived at the front door, but damn, it was good to see Lucifer again. He still got it, and his multiple uses of Wazzup was worth the giggle. Who cares if it's the end of the world, right? The son most likely to suck can always bring a good time.

Betty, the new Death, was reading the book as she disappeared because OF COURSE Lucifer was there doing Chuck's bidding. But the more death and mayhem, the less I was buying into the whole arc. But oh, how wrong I was. 

If Chuck was interested in a Cain and Able situation, he got his wish with Michael and Lucifer.

Michael gave Chuck a heads up about all they were doing, but Chuck should have known that nothing with the Winchesters is as black and white as it seems.

For them being his favorite characters, how little he ultimately knew them is probably the saddest part of this story. His arrogance and stupidity worked in favor of Sam, Dean, and Jack, and they had it planned that way.

They always knew who they could and couldn't trust, and they used Lucifer, Michael, and Chuck himself to unleash enough power to create something truly magnificent within Jack.

Dean struggled with his killer instincts for a long time, but the thing that he wanted more than anything was for the decimated world to be repopulated.

I assume everyone shed a tear or two watching good prevail. With The Youngbloods song, Get Together, playing, the man who has taken all of his power brought the world back to life. 

It never dawned on me that Jack would take God's power and become the all powerful entity. But if anyone was going to ascend, I can't think of anyone better. He has felt all of the love and pain and will be able to use that to only see good in the world.

His speech was beautiful, and walking away to his new life, Amara firmly ensconced inside of him, really felt like the series finale. After all, Sam and Dean discussing finally being free is all we've ever wanted for them.

And while we're talking about music, Jackson Browne, one of my all-time favorites was the montage as they got ready to start their new life. That's a video that we can expect to play on the internet for decades as fans remember this brilliant series.

It was all about family, this crazy show about all things Supernatural. 

But crazily, there is another episode remaining. Well, two, if we count the retrospective.

If they hadn't been able to film any further, this would have worked very well as the series finale. It's unlike any other season finale. When have Sam and Dean ever gotten their happy ending?

They're always hanging off of a cliff with one of them possessed or in hell or thought dead or the world on the brink or angles dropping out of heaven and onto earth.

If this finale was this satisfying, then we can only imagine what's in store for the series finale. We'll be right here to run it all down with you.

For now, share your thoughts on the last official chapter in Chuck's book for the Winchesters, the one when the defy his plans with everything they've learned along the way and a helluva lot of heart.

Did you shed a tear? What was the most satisfying moment? And did anyone else really want Dean to adopt that dog once you saw it running across the street again?

After you watch Supernatural online, drop below, share all of your thoughts, and we'll see you next time, one last time.

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