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It is the 100th episode of Superstore, and a bittersweet one at that, with the episode serving as Amy Sosa's big send-off.

It is Amy's last day at Cloud 9 on Superstore Season 6 Episode 2, and if it showed us anything, it is that there is a hole in our hearts without Amy.

Superstore had a lot to cover to close Amy's arc, including saying goodbye, assigning final manager tasks, and perhaps, most importantly, dealing with her relationship with Jonah. And while everything that happened did not seem out of character, we cannot help but feel disappointed about Amy and Jonah.

Sure, long-distance did not seem plausible, but neither did the current scenario. Honestly, nothing about Amy and Jonah's situation seemed realistic unless Jonah went with Amy to California, but that could not happen.

But there is still an issue with how they left Amy and Jonah's relationship. It felt unfinished -- like there was a lot more to say, but no time to properly resolve anything.

Amy, we've been together for years. We live together; we work together; we're raising Parker together; I don't know what else you need to know! And I think I deserve a little more than just 'see how it goes.'


Was that supposed to be the point? Because if it was, it did not come across positively.

A relationship with unfinished business has its advantages, and we should give Superstore the benefit of the doubt. Jonah could always get back together with Amy and move to California whenever the show ends.

But did they even break up? Are they on hold? Will they do some weird long-distance thing? It seems like they broke up, but because the show put a huge question mark on their relationship, it is hard to know for sure.

Superstore put a big question mark on their relationship, and we do not know anything other than Jonah is not going to California. Is this better than a firm breakup or worse? Who knows what will happen? Only time will tell.

Amy: Jonah, what if I'm wrong? What if I get out there, and I realize that I made a mistake?
Jonah: I'm guessing you'll know where to find me.

Besides, that was what "California Part 2" tried to get across. With Amy Sosa gone, we do not expect the group's dynamics to change significantly, but we will feel something missing.

That is why we still have hope for Superstore, despite our anxiety over what the show will be like without Amy. Everything is up in the air, so it is impossible to say how the next several episodes will play out. However, we do have faith in this entertaining and groundbreaking show.

Amy's actual send-off was sweet, funny, and well done. 

Throughout, Glenn and Mateo scrambled to put together a tribute for Amy to watch at the end of the day, but it proved to be easier said than done.

We thought it would be hilariously bad because of how they struggled, but Glenn and Mateo pulled it off and made us cry in the process.

We expect nothing less from every character's contribution to this tribute. Cheyenne's strange words ended up being hilarious, Garrett's ongoing disdain for Cloud 9 while being surprisingly sweet, Jonah attempting to be funny but not appearing that way.

Amy: It's just this move is a lot of pressure on the relationship, and what if it doesn't work out? Jonah's uprooting his whole life for me.
Dina: That might not be true. That place is a land of liberal small-boned men who drink Kombucha and collect sea glass without shame. Chances are Jonah would end up in California eventually.

Everyone remained true to themselves during Amy Sosa's final moments at Cloud 9, which made her send-off way more satisfying.

The pivotal moment, of course, was Mateo's surprise song at the end. Who knew he could sing? That moment was absurdly funny, and Mateo got the last word, which he always does. 

Amy's tribute could not have played out better. Superstore did an excellent job, and we saw just how much Amy Sosa had impacted everyone at Cloud 9 from beginning to end.

Things got even more emotional when Glenn gave Amy Myrtle's ashes (since she always wanted to visit California) and Amy's I-9 -- her interview sheet from the summer she first worked at Cloud 9 all those years ago.

If you see someone ugly crying in the corner, it is definitely us. But thankfully, we managed to break out a few laughs when Glenn and Amy shared a pandemic style hug -- they stood six feet apart and hugged themselves.

Dina also had a great arc. While Amy worried about her future, and Mateo and Glenn worked on Amy's tribute, Dina was on the hunt for a new best friend.

After all, Dina needs someone to uncomfortably share her life details with and boss around as she sees fit. 

But throughout her mission, Dina comes to a realization that broke our hearts all over again and made us remember how much we will miss Amy's presence.

You know, the harder I try to replace you, the more I realize that uh... maybe you're not replaceable. I don't know, that's probably wrong. Probably just tired or something.


Dina realizes she cannot find a new best friend because Amy is already hers. She cannot replace Amy because her best friend is irreplaceable.

When we thought we could not cry any harder, Superstore proved us wrong.

The touching moment between Amy and Dina reminded us what Superstore has been about from the beginning. At the end of the day, this show is not about one singular character or relationship.

Superstore is about the everlasting bonds of friendship. Romances will always come and go, but the bonds these employees created and hold with each other is what makes this show special. 

Amy and Jonah's relationship may have cooled down, but Garrett was there to help Jonah pick up the pieces while Dina and Amy reminisced on their friendship.

Thanks for reminding us, Superstore. We cannot wait to see what comes next.

Over to you, Fanatics!

What did you think of Superstore's 100th episode and Amy Sosa's send-off? Was it everything you hoped for? Do you think Amy and Jonah will find their way back to each other? How do you think Superstore will change now that Amy Sosa has left for the Golden State? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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