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Well, it is a new world for Cloud 9, but not in a bad way.

Amy Sosa may have left for California, but life goes on for everyone, including the employees at Cloud 9.

And boy, does life move fast. By the end of Superstore Season 6 Episode 3, we have a new floor supervisor and a potential rekindling of an old flame.

But first, Glenn is now back as the store's manager, and it is almost as if he never left. Dina still bosses him around, and he is still the bizarre and caring manager we all know and love.

Now though, it is not just Dina telling Glenn what to do -- Mateo started exercising his authority when Glenn gives him slightly more power to make executive decisions.

Dina may be bossy, but she knows her place as the assistant manager. Mateo went above and beyond by denying Carol a day off and firing Justine on the same day.

Glenn: We're having an election! Oh, Jonah and Cheyenne want to be floor supervisors, so we're gonna let the people decide.
Dina: The people? Glenn, the people are idiots. Oh, don't look at me like that. You know.

These actions made us think about what kind of boss Mateo would be. Glenn reminded Mateo of his position as an assistant once things got carried away, but that was not before we got a taste of Mateo, the manager.

While it would not be fun for some of the employees, it would certainly be hilarious to watch. We hope Mateo wins his legal battles because of the country's inhumane laws, and now also because Mateo, in a position of authority, is a whole other ballpark.

But the highlight of "Floor Supervisor" was Cheyenne's epic speech, telling Dina off because she knows her worth.

Cheyenne: Just so you know, I would be a great floor supervisor, okay? I've been here forever, I get along with everybody, and I know who's boned who and who can't work together. And I do have good ideas. For instance, I think we should stagger our shift start times so we're not all clocking in at once. And at checkout, we should have go-back carts for each department. And every zone captain should have a walkie-talkie!
Jonah: I actually said the same... never mind, I respect women. I don't interrupt them.
Cheyenne: Honestly, people shouldn't vote for me just because Jonah's some boob-crazed white guy, okay? People should vote for me because I would be fucking awesome.

Up until that moment, we were rooting for Jonah to be the new floor supervisor. Cheyenne did not seem to want the role -- she was only running because Dina wanted her to. And well, we all know Dina did not want Jonah to get the position. 

Dina does not want anyone to usurp her and how she runs things. But Dina made a mistake in underestimating Cheyenne because Dina's plan backfired, and Cheyenne gave a compelling speech on why people should vote for her.

Cheyenne's speech was a pivotal moment for her. We know she has come a long way since working part-time while expecting a baby as a scared and vulnerable teenager.

Now, she successfully balances her life between working full-time at Cloud 9, being a mother, being a wife, and maintaining a social life. For a young adult in their twenties, "impressive" is the understatement of the century.

But sometimes, we need to be reminded of Cheyenne's character development because it is what she deserves. Cheyenne should be acknowledged and respected. She has struggled, but she came out of those struggles as a stronger person.

And now, she is Cloud 9's new floor manager. We cannot wait to see how she will spice up the role. 

Cheyenne is an excellent example of character development, and Superstore should pay tribute to her more.

Better luck next time, Dina.

Dina: So, Jonah wants to be the new floor supervisor.
Cheyenne: Oh, cool.
Dina: Yeah, I guess I just hoped that someone else would throw their hat in the ring, you know? Someone chill, someone who isn't a white male that reeks of privilege.
Cheyenne: Yeah, but it's hard, though, right? 'Cause of like, systemic stuff.
Dina: Mhmm, true dat, true dat.

The most surprising moment on Superstore Season 6 Episode 3 was Garrett's indirect confession -- he might still have feelings for Dina.

Truthfully, we always wondered if the show would ever explore their relationship again. It appeared to be casual sex on the surface, but Superstore Season 2 Episode 21 revealed the truth, which we had suspected for some time.

Garrett had feelings for Dina, and despite her unwillingness to admit it, Dina may have had feelings for Garrett too.

But their relationship ended shortly after Superstore Season 3 began. Despite one last hookup and a heap of unresolved tension, their relationship never amounted to anything else.

Garrett may have never been in love before, but he realized that if there is one person he might have fallen in love with, it is Dina. Too bad she already has a boyfriend. 

We love Dina and her veterinarian guy, we do. We also think she has a lot of unresolved tension with Garrett, and "Floor Supervisor" clarifies that Garrett is not over her.

We imagine things will only heat up once Dina finds out because, let's face it -- nothing stays under wraps for too long at Cloud 9. 

In the meantime, our hearts are with Garrett. The poor guy just realized he has never been in love, and his one chance is already gone. We hope he finds closure, even if it means he does not get back together with Dina.

"Floor Supervisor" definitely proved that the show is still the same at its core despite Amy's absence. It is different without her around, but Superstore is always funny and light-hearted, with strong characters, a great ensemble, and kickass moments.

And when necessary, Superstore tackles the difficult topics, always with grace, truth, and respect, proving that a comedy show can cover real-life issues.

That is what the show is all about, and it still is, rooted at the core. We love Superstore, and despite the shakeup, we are curious to see what comes next.

No, no, it's my first meeting, and already I'm upsetting everyone. And now I'm stressed, and I promised Jerusha that if this should happen, I would remove myself from the situation.


Over to you, Fanatics!

What did you think of Superstore Season 6 Episode 3? Are you excited to see Cheyenne as the new floor supervisor? Do you think anything will happen between Garrett and Dina, or will Garrett's feelings remain unrequited and unresolved?

What do you think of the show without Amy? Is it too early to decide, or have you made up your mind already? 

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