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It's the end of the line for another season of BBC America's high-octane Top Gear, and it looks like the best has been saved for last. 

But what's about to go down? 

Here's the official breakdown of the episode:

nippy 1

The traditional ice cream van is dying out. But Paddy’s got a plan to save it, in the shape of the home built Mr Nippy: the all-electric, all-terrain ice cream van for the 21st century.

It sweeps streets, it crosses beaches, it’s even got an on-board rubber ring for aquatic ice cream delivery.

Nippy 2

After demonstrating the genius of Mr Nippy to Chris and Freddie around Blackpool, Paddy is ordered to a military complex on Salisbury Plain for a paintball shoot-out against a crack team of hot food vehicles.

Honda’s got a new electric car out. After giving it a thorough road test in the Peak District, Chris heads to Alton Towers for a race against the Honda’s electric rivals from Vauxhall and Mini.

Which Paddy and Freddie are driving, naturally. Which battery-powered city car can escape from a deserted theme park the quickest?

Sounds fun, right?

Nippy 3

We have an exclusive look at the episode, and it shows Paddy McGuinness putting the ice cream van through its paces. 

It's a truly comical scene that will transport you to a beach. 

We all need some sunshine right about now, and this clip will also make you laugh!

Have a look below and be sure to tune in for the Top Gear Season 29 finale Sunday, November 15, at 8/7c on BBC America. 

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/11/top-gear-season-finale-sneak-peek-can-mr-nippys-van-go-anywhere/


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