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Mags might be leaving!

Transplant Season 1 Episode 9 is all about the pressure facing patients and doctors alike.

Everybody has pressure in their lives. Those dealing with medical issues are no exception. If anything, they feel it the most.

The hospital is basically a pressure cooker, and something was bound to explode. At the beginning of the episode, the assumption was that Khaled would be the casualty.

As an undocumented immigrant, he's taking a great risk going to a hospital. However, as Bash pointed out, he's also taking a great risk not going. Without medical treatment, he could have died. With it, he puts himself on the radar of the police.

Bash: If the sharp edges of your ribs puncture your organs, it's life-threatening.
Khalad: So is being sent back to Lybia.

Nobody would have been surprised to see Khaled escorted out of there and taken back to Lybia once his surgery ended.

Transplant is trying to highlight the hardships of being an immigrant. When it comes to Bash, the drama can only go so far. His status has to be more or less assured because he is the lead, and if he is deported or fired, the show is over. He's safe.

His friend is not so safe. In fact, his friend is a great oppurtunity to show the worst possible thing that can happen to an immigrant. Khaled could be arrested, detained, and eventually deported to the very dangerous from which he hails.

Someday, the show might go there. The plot is a bit of a ticking timebomb. For now, tthere was a sympathetic policeman actually trying to help Khaled and other undocumented immigrants like him.

I can't help but wonder how a sympathetic cop will play in the current climate.

Bash: You're the victim in this. Why didn't' you tell me?
Khaled: I knew you would tell me not to go back.
Bash: You're still planning on it?
Khaled: I need the money.
Bash: He could have killed you. You need to tell the police.
Khaled: And give them a reason to send me home? I can't take the risk.
Bash: No, you deserve better.
Khaled: if there was something better, don't you think I would have taken it? We can't all be doctors.

In any case, while the danger was real, and we felt Khaled's panic in desperate circumstances, it all turned out well for him.

Theo and Trey's storylines also wrapped up rather nicely.

Trey was under pressure to keep his parents together, a pressure no child should ever have to feel. He was working his body too hard when he didn't even want to dive anymore. It was all for his family.

While Trey's pressure seemed to come from external forces, it actually didn't. His parents may not have helped matters, but once he was honest with them about how he was feeling and what he wanted, they were reassuring and supportive.

The point of Trey's story was clear. Theo hasn't been doing what he wants, i.e., applying for the pediatric position at the hospital because of the pressure from his family.

Mags: Bash, does it ... does this place feel like home to you yet?
Bash: Yeah, it's starting to.

The situations are different, of course. Trey built up a bad reaction in his head, when that wasn't the reality. Theo knows how his wife feels about him taking the job because they talked about it. It isn't what she wants.

Either way, someone has to make a sacrifice, and that can lead to resentment. Theo doesn't want to resent his family. He knows he needs to do this. His wife, though, will not like it.

Hopefully, those two will overcome this, but I wouldn't be surprised if Theo's marriage falls apart. The good news is that he's staying!

Theo may be staying, but Mags might not be. She's worked so hard to get here, and it clearly means everything to her. However, she is working herself too hard, and it isn't healthy.

Dr. Atwater: Texting and walking?
Mags: No, worse. I'm researching and walking. I'm doing a presentation for Bishop's Locum.
Dr. Atwater: I heard. Short notice. How are your slides coming?
Mags: I'll be able to write them on the phone. I'm thinking of 30.
Dr. Atwater: That's actually on the low end.
Mags: Really?
Dr. Atwater: Mmm.
Mags: Well, I've got about seven started ... in my head.
Dr. Atwater: You couldn't said no, Mags.
Mags: I didn't wanna waste hat oppurtunity.
Dr. Atwater: Being unprepared would be worse.

Dr. Bishop's words clearly hurt her a lot. She respects him so much. Maybe he said what he said because he doesn't want her to end up like him. Since his accident, he's been re-evaluating a lot of things. He has a lot of regrets. He wants better for Mags.

I think he sees a lot of himself in her. He's telling her what he wishes someone had told him back in the day. Of course, he should know that he wouldn't have listened. As much as he doesn't want Mags to turn into him, she'd like nothing more.

It's hard to say if she really is suited to emergency medicine. She's good at her job. That's not in doubt.

She has a different way of doing things, which has been pointed out to her quite a bit recently. Bash also has a different way of doing things. Every great television doctor has a "different" way of doing things.

In real life, it might not fly. On TV, we like renegades.

Michael Bailey: I still think here's more I could've done.
Mags: You can't blame yourself.
Michael: One night with Laura's mom, I woke up all alone. Looked all over the house and I eventually found her down in the basement. she's gone outside and dug up every old pet rabbit that we ever had, convinced that they were valuable. She put them in the safe on top of the passports. After that, I was with her day and night. Until she left,
Mags: And did you hear from her again?
Michael: A year later, the police showed up. Sarah took her life.

Take the way she worked that case with Laura, for example. The psychiatrist said most doctors would love to jump straight back into the ER, but she wanted to make sure Laura and her father were okay.

While a part of my mind was just latching onto the obvious chemistry that Mags has with the psychiatrist, the other part was noting how they keep bringing up her tendency to follow things through and explore them from every angle.

Mags really cares about her patients. She doesn't miss things because she pays attention. It seems like she's a great doctor. Dr. Bishop thinks so, too; he just doesn't think she's cut out for The ER.

If it's better for Mags to leave, then, of course, I want that for her. It's just that I like her, and I don't want her to leave the show. I guess we'll have to see where it goes.

I do think there was something between her and the psychiatrist, though, or, at least, the potential for something. Then again, maybe I'm just jonesing for shipping fodder since the show hasn't given us much.

Dr. Bishop: I want you to consider making a change. I've spoken to Dr. Parvati. He wanted you as his resident in the first place, and he's willing to let you try internal on a temporary basis, after you've had some time off.
Mags: Dr. Bishop, no, please. This is ... This is the only thing I've ever wanted. I'll find ways to improve. I'll do, I'll do anything.
Dr. Bishop: I don't want you waking up in 20 years and realizing this place has swallowed you whole.

Claire and Dr. Bishop were over before they started, though, hopefully, not for good. We've had no follow-up to Bash and Vivian's little encounter. She was around, but they didn't even interact.

At least, we have June and Lou. She's meeting his kid, which is a big step. They've come a long way from when she wouldn't even admit they were dating.

Sure, she didn't tell him about her dad showing up. It's hard for her to share.

However, I think she really did mean it when she said she wants nothing to do with her father. It's too little, too late, and she doesn't trust him. Him having stomach cancer doesn't change that.

It's actually pretty refreshing for a show to let the child walk away when the parent tries to make good because they are sick. Usually, that would lead to a reconciliation, but in this case, I hope it sticks.

Marcus Curtis: But I'm sober. I've changed.
June: You've been sober before. You didn't change then. Do you even know why I didn't take your money for medical school?
Marcus: You were always stubborn?
June: Remember you bought me that car when I was 16. And you said, it was so that I can have my independence, right? But then mom left, and I realized you know that was coming, right? You were just trying to buy me, and hurt her, because you made her fight for every penny. So, since i's always about what you want, why don't you just tell me why you're actually here?
Marcus: I need to make this right. I have stomach cancer, and I'm scared, okay? I need an operation and I-I-I don't know what to do, June.
June: You just, you do what everyone else does. You have the surgery, you wait for the results. But you do it without me.

I think June is smart enough to know what's healthy for her, and her dad being sick doesn't change the kind of father he was or the kind of person he is. She has every right to keep him out of her life. She's moving forward, and I'm proud of her.

Over to you, Fanatics. Do you think Mags will leave? Do you think she should? Will Theo's marriage make it? Should June give her dad a chance? Did Bash do the right thing with Khaled?

Let us know in the comments, and remember, you can watch Transplant online right here via TV Fanatic.

Transplant airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/11/transplant-season-1-episode-9-review-under-pressure/


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