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What is fact, and what is fiction?

We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 8 -- the HBO drama's trippy season finale -- featured some wild revelations, a jaunt away from the base, and no resolution for any of the characters other than Caitlin and Fraser. 

At its core, We Are Who We Are was about the bond between the two friends who leaned on each other when they needed to the most. 

The beautifully-directed trip to Bologna, the concert, and all of the finer details in between reiterated as much, while sending them both on a new and exciting journey. 

Caitlin has struggled with her identity throughout We Are Who We Are Season 1, and just when she appeared to be comfortable, she questioned everything, once again, after getting close to the barmaid in the club. 

When pressed about how she identifies when it comes to gender, Caitlin crumbled, suggesting that she's truly still trying to find her place in the world and doesn't know what she wants. 

At 14, she's seen a lot of things in her short life that many wouldn't see in their entire lifetime, but Fraser has been her one constant through it all.

Despite their families being at war, it was somewhat nice that they managed to maintain their friendship, and it may have turned into something more. 

In hindsight, the romantic cliffhanger should have been expected. They've been inseparable and touchy-feely with one another since becoming friends. 

I'm unsure how their respective parents will feel about a potential romantic pairing, especially with the families locking horns. 

The kiss at the end came out of left field, but after thinking on it for a few days, it was a successful way to cap off this chapter for them. 

Fraser was mildly frustrating throughout the series finale. Revealing that Mark didn't exist was quite unexpected, but it was more of a nuanced message about the way he grows obsessed with people. 

At the concert, Caitlin was a mere afterthought to the point that I wanted her to ditch the event and go home without him. 

Luca, for all intents and purposes, was another figment of Fraser's imagination, and it made perfect sense. 

There is now way the people taking Luca to the concert would have allowed him to disappear into the night with a random teenager they picked up on the road. 

But Luca didn't exist at all, and I would love to see how that scene in the car really played out. Caitlin looked jealous at Fraser building a connection with someone else, but her reaction probably had more to do with talking to himself. 

Fraser has been a complicated character to read, mostly because of the way he acts. One moment, he can be a great teenager and the next, he's obsessively trying to piss off his mother and getting close to people he shouldn't be. 

It's been exhausting, and I'm struggling to understand how he's going to react when he doesn't have Caitlin and vice versa. 

How will they be able to support each other from afar? There are so many unanswered questions that makes me think there are quite a few storylines brewing for a potential second season. 

Britney coming out to Caitlin and telling her she's always loved her was another surprise, and one I'm not sure was as successful as the writers intended. 

They built a very strong bond during their time on the base, only for it to be obliterated after Caitlin gravitated toward Fraser. 

Did Britney get together with Caitlin's ex just to spite her, or was it to see if she was jealous? 

More than any other character, Britney deserved a full episode to herself. She was used sparingly in the narrative, but some further development could have allowed her revelation to feel like it served the character better. 

As things stand, "Right Here, Right Now And Last," is a bittersweet affair. It brought the respective journeys of our two leads to an emotional conclusion but gave them a new sense of clarity about the future, while possibly laying the groundwork for a second season. 

We know Caitlin and her family are definitely moving off of the base, but there appears to be cliffhangers for almost everyone else. 

As a series finale, all of these things could stick. Unlike some others, I like there being a sense of ambiguity so that I can ponder various scenarios about where the characters could end up. 

Still, I wouldn't be opposed to a second season if the right storyline comes along. Unfortunately, the ratings on HBO have not been great, but the series is a co-production, which could be of benefit. 

That means there is a possibility of it returning, but I wouldn't mind it resting for a few years and picking up with the characters in their late teens or early twenties. 

What about you, We Are Who We Are Fanatics? 

Did you think Fraser was making up people in his mind from the get-go? 

What are you taking away from Caitlin scrubbing the hair off her face and rushing out of the concert venue?

Do you see a romantic future on horizon for Caitlin and Fraser?

Hit the comments below. 

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