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As TV begins to get back to normal, there is still a lot of new programming avaialable for those of you who couldn't care less about broadcast.

This week, The Crown returns, His Dark Materials Season 2 begins, HBO premieres Murder on Middle Beach, and Supernatural airs its last show.

There is a lot going on, so take a look.

WTW Nov 14

Saturday, November 14

8/7c Christmas In Vienna (Hallmark)

Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew stars in this Hallmark holiday movie with Brendan Elliott.

Jess Waters (Drew) is an accomplished violinist who has lost her passion for music and has been invited to perform at the Vienna Music Hall's prestigious Christmas Eve concert. Mark Olson (Elliott) is a diplomat in Vienna and a widowed father of three whose job is constantly keeping them moving.

Jess arrives in Vienna two weeks before her show, which gives her time to visit her friend Tori Voigt (Alina Fritsch, “Freud”). Teri is Mark’s cousin and the children’s nanny so when Tori gets a chance to sell her crafts in a Christmas market, she asks for Jess’ help with the children.

Although initially hesitant, Jess quickly bonds with the children, helping them grow as they inspire her rediscovery for her love of music. Against the backdrop of Christmas magic and romance, will Jess and Mark find a way to be together?

8/7c Christmas on Wheels (Lifetime)

Blaire Fowler, who has recently lost some of her Christmas spirit, travels back to her hometown for the holidays at the request of her uncle.

Every season, his uncle delivers toys in his vintage Cadillac to all the local shelters and foster homes in town.

This lead to a happy reuniting between Blaire and her uncle, but that's not all.

She's also reunited with Hunter, her former high school flame now a lawyer and a town hero in his own right, who decides to help Blaire bring gifts to all the children and also help remind her of the joys of the holiday season in their town.

10/9c Meet Me at Christmas (HMM)

Be sure to check out our interview with the charming and handsome star of Meet Me at Christmas, Mark Deklin.

Joan’s son Liam and his bride-to-be Katie are excited to hold their Christmas Eve wedding at the Colorado inn where Joan and her late husband’s love story began. When the wedding planner unexpectedly quits, Joan offers to step in and, with the help of Beau (Deklin), Katie’s uncle, gets to work.

Joan and Beau each feel there’s something familiar about the other and it isn’t long before they connect the dots and realize they first met many years ago in town. They had planned to see each other at the tree lighting that evening but when Beau didn’t show up, Joan instead met her future husband and love of her life.

Final details progress despite some bumps in the road that cause them to pivot, but everything is on track to give Liam and Katie the winter wonderland wedding of their dreams. As Joan and Beau become close, it’s clear they have feelings for each other.

With her son is moving on to his happily ever after, Joan needs to decide if she can open herself to love again while Beau must figure out if he’s ready to trade in his globetrotting life as a photographer to put down roots.

Sunday, November 15

The Crown (Netlfix)

How did the courtship and marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer effect the Queen? You'll find out in The Crown Season 4 as the two take center stage in a numer of episodes.

Gillian Anderson also premieres as Margaret Thatcher, the long-standing Prime Minister and the first woman Queen Elizabeth ever dealt with in the role.

It's the final season for Olivia Coleman as the Queen, Tobias Menzies as Prince Phillip, as well as Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles, and newcomer, Emma Corrin as Princess Diana.

9/8c Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)

It’s time to check in with June, Luciana, and Sarah as they react in very different ways to the rules set out by Virginia.

However, a deadly scenario leaves June questioning everything, and how she can adapt to this new world.

It’s another banner episode of the series, so you must tune in! It feels like a season finale!

10/9c Murder On Middle Beach (HBO)

Murder On Middle Beach finds Madison Hamburg documenting his hunt for clues and answers surrounding his mother's unsolved murder, and it taken him down long and winding roads uncovering family secrets that ultimately help the family to heal and reconnect.

It's an incredibly moving piece of film, and one that pulls the viewer directly into the world of true crime, something that has become a form of entertainment for many.

There is nothing entertaining about Madison's personal quest for peace of mind in light of a terrible tragedy, but it's rewarding to watch the young man fight for his family, doing his mother proud with his enduring love and commitment while trying to lay to rest the turbulence with those he cares for most in the world.

Please visit our interview with Madison for more and tune in for the stunning and moving documentary series.

Monday, November 16

9/8c Filthy Rich (FOX)

If you're one of the handful of Filthy Rich fans still out there and watching, then you will not want to miss this all-new episode of the soapy drama.

It's winding down to the last couple of installments of the series, and everything is falling together, or better yet, falling apart for the Monreauxs.

There are a few shocking developments that you won't see coming, and things are certainly heating up. With the company at stake, lives in peril, someone not making it out alive, and some major secrets revealed, you'll want to tune in.

9/8c His Dark Materials (HBO)

The hit fantasy series returns!

On His Dark Materials Season 2, Lyra and Will are traveling between the two worlds, and the stakes seemhigher than ever.

Take a look at the thrilling official trailer for the season and let us know if you're going to watch.

Tuesday, November 17

10/9c Big Sky (ABC)

This thriller from David E. Kelley stars Kylie Bunbury and Katheryn Winnick as a private detective and a former cop who go head to head with a serial killer while investigating a kidnapping.

It's an adaptation of CJ Box's Cassie Dewell novel The Highway and also stars Ryan Phillippe, John Carroll Lynch, Jade Pettyjohn, Brian Geraghty, and Dedee Pfeiffer.

It plays like a mix of Twin Peaks and Fargo for something entirely different on the ABC lineup. You won't want to miss the premiere, and if you're hoping to catch up on it later, the shocks are ripe for spoiling, so beware!

Wednesday, November 18

10/9c For Life (ABC)

For Life is back with an exciting second season premiere that picks up where the finale left off.

Aaron has made some headway in his fight to get out of jail, but he's facing some new obstacles. If you haven't watched this series yet, it's a quick binge, and I strongly urge you to do so.

You'll catch up just in time for the premiere, and you won't have any regrets. The fight is on, and Aaron Wallace never stops fighting.

Thursday, November 19

8/7c Supernatural (The CW)

Two hours of Supernatural take it all home.

There will first be a retrospective looking back at the 15-year history of the successful series.

It's followed by the Series finale, something that seems almost redundant after the satisfying concusion to Supernatural Season 15 Episode 19, but we'll be here for it, even if it means saying goodbye one more time.

8/7c Jersey Shore Family Vacation (MTV)

It’s T-shirt time in the world of COVID-19!

Yes, the guidos and the guidettes are back and they’re taking over a resort.

It will be a different feel for the series because they are not allowed to exit their bubble.

This also marks the first episode without Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

9/8c Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Grey Sloan Memorial’s best fight to save Meredith’s life as an undisclosed illness brings the surgeon to the brink of death.

With Meredith meeting McDreamy in, well, dreamland, she wonders what the future holds for her.

Yes, Patrick Dempsey will be heavily featured in the episode, so that’s a big win!

10/9c A Million Little Things (ABC)

The beloved framily drama returns with its highly-anticipated third season premiere. A couple of questions are on our mind: did Eddie survive the hit and run? Also, who hit him?

Katherine gets the call about Eddie and rallies the troops, and they come to her aid and support like only they can.

Despite everything else going on in their lives, they find themselves at the hospital waiting to hear the fate of another friend, and they can't stand the thought of losing another person.

Grab your tissues, Million Things Fanatics!

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